Being Honest..

Thursday, November 05, 2015
I know I said that I'd be back. And I'm so sorry for those that were disappointed to see me leaving my blog again for a really long time. 

I've just been having a really really difficult time, and honestly, I'm still having a hard time. 
My life has never been so messy like it is now, and even now there are days that I want to stay in my apartment alone. Which doesn't really happen because I have an amazing best friend and another 'friend' that never let me be alone for more than a day. Everyone is dealing with their own shit and I don't want to add onto it so I don't really share anything. 

I have considered deleting this blog. And on one of the bad days I was very close to doing so, but then I realized that Ronnie Diaries has been with me for most of my teenage years and it's such a big part of me as a person that I couldn't just get rid of it like that. 

I honestly love blogging, I love reading your comments and answering them. I love getting emails and being contacted by different companies, (I have a review I must do for you guys, really soon, ASAP even) . But I can't find the time or the energy to write for you guys. It really upsets me, because I want to give you all lovely posts you'll enjoy but I just can't find the energy to. I don't know what's happening. I'm really sorry, I'll put up new posts as often as I can. And maybe some day I will be back to uploading a new post every day, which I hope happens, I loved the feedback I got from you guys then. 

Once again, I'm really sorry. 
I love you guys and I'll see you as soon as I can. 

You just have to promise me that you'll live your life however you want to, be happy, make other people happy, remember it's okay to be selfish sometimes, make great memories, love and be loved, never hide your feelings even if  the other person doesn't feel the same, have fun, enjoy life and remember you're never alone, if you're having a hard time or even if something makes you feel sad, there is always someone out there that will care and help. Don't do something you might regret, or that will hurt your family and friends. Nothing hurts more than losing someone that you know you could've helped. I've experienced that last month. Laying on the bathroom floor, crying my eyes out, thankfully not alone. 

Much much love, 

My loves..

Monday, October 12, 2015
I do realize that I was gone for what seems like over a month. And trust me, I've got a good excuse this time I swear! 

I moved to a different town, into my own apartment, a new school. 

It took me a while to get used to it, make new friends and stuff. But I managed to do it, and everything is fine now. I also had to buy a new laptop! Harold (my old laptop) has died on me, so everything that I had on it was kinda gone. 

BUT, I am back now! 

I have a few posts lined up, as well as few videos. So I should be back to uploading a new blog post every day, and one or two videos a week. Maybe one video every weekend since the wi-fi at my apartment is very very sh#$ and it has a monthly limit and if I decided to upload a video there I'd waste my entire limit for just that so I'm not sure yet. I'll think of something and keep you guys updated! 

So yeah, here's a quick update, I'm getting into writing up some blog posts for the next few days so yeah. Have a good day guys, I hope you're happy I'm back! ;)

Much love,

sleek pout paint, peachy keen review..

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hello my darlings! 

I planned to publish this post on a Thursday, cause I planned to have this little 'segment' on my blog, dedicated to lip products, and testing them, giving you guys a review and swatches. Photos of me wearing the product and a rate. 

So if you are interested to see what lip product I'm going to test next, come back here each Thursday at 6pm! :) 

I just put this post up today because I'm crazy tired and I've still a lot to do since I'm moving into my apartment tomorrow, and I have more things to pack and everything is all over the place! But I'm in the zone of posting a new post everyday and I want to keep it that way! If I didn't post today, I'd be too lazy to post tomorrow and on and on and on. 

Anyway, today I'm here with a Pout Paint by Sleek. 

Nearly said 'Sleep' that's how tired I am haha! 

This is a rather unusual colour to wear on the lips. I never wore orange on my lips and after this I don't think I will ever again. I don't like the way it goes with my skin colour. It makes me look ill or even dead. 

I'm not really loving the shade, but I do love the formula and how it looks as I have another Pout Paint and it's in a beautiful pink shade. And I love it and will definitely repurchase when I run out. You can find the post HERE 

I rate this product 6/10

I don't like the shade. 
I love the formula.
I love the wear. 

So let's see some swatches!

What do you guys think of this shade?

See you on Thursday at 6pm to see another lip product review!

much love,

my everyday makeup bag contents...

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hello my darlings!! 

Do you have those makeup products that you just use everyday?
Of course you do, what a silly question. 
*bow the head down in shame* 

Anyway, today I'm going to show you mine. 

My everyday makeup is pretty simple. I don't do anything fancy unless I want to feel fancy. 
So I just use some foundation, concealer, powder, fill in my brows and put on some bronzer, mascara, and I'm good to go. Or if I feel like adding a bit more I add some blush and eyeliner. But you'll see that in the photos! 

The Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and powder are the combo that I usually find myself reaching for whenever I get ready. I feel like they look the best on my skin and the foundation is just really easy to work with. 

But if I think I don't need as much coverage, then I use the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation, which is like one of my all time favourite foundations, I would recommend it to anyone. 

And on top of that, if I have any spots, I cover them up with the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. It's my all time favourite, other than the Collection concealer, but this one has more coverage to it and it looks super nice on the skin. It could be compared to the MAC concealers, even when it comes to the texture. The only thing I'm not a fan of, is the packaging. I'd much rather it come with a pump or a 'lip gloss' applicator. But looking at the consistency of the product I think it's to most suitable type of packaging. 

My favourite bronzer and blush. I'm not a fan of blush, but this one is so sheer and it looks so beautiful on the skin that it's like the only blush I 'tolerate'. I still don't wear it every day, I'm kinda into the whole pale, matte skin, and that doesn't really involve blush! And the Essence palette I use as highlighter, because the shadows have so much nice shimmer in them, that it looks beautiful as a highlighter. Super natural. 

My two favourite mascaras, they give you the prettiest lashes ever! And my little Benefit eye shadow primer which I use if I plan on wearing eyeliner, it keeps the thing on for the entire day! My holy grail eye liner from L'Oreal is there too.

And finally, my eyebrow products that I use every day. 
My AVON eye shadow palette, I use eye shadow to fill in my brows as I think shadow is more forgiving than an pencil. I used to fill in my brows with a pencil but they ended up looking like huge caterpillars! So no thank you! And that tiny tiny tube is my favourite brow gel. It's from Sleek and it keeps your brows in place for days! 

What are you every day makeup products? 
Have you used any of the ones I just showed you? What do you think of them?

Hope you enjoyed the post and I'll see you tomorrow!

much love,

my style icons..

Monday, September 07, 2015

Hello my darlings!! 

Don't you have this celebrity that you think dresses like a complete goddess, and you'd dress exactly like him or her but you'd have to rob a bank to do that? Well, I have eight of those. 

I mean, I do try to base my style off them, wearing similar items but adding a bit of 'me' into each outfit. I don't want to be a copy, I want to be me, but more fashionable. So now, I'll show you and talk about each celebrity that I admire. For each collage I chose photos of my favourite outfits worn by them. 

Does this post make sense? I hope it does. 
If it doesn't, then I'm sorry. It's late and I ate too much Chinese food, so I feel sleepy!


She is so chill with her outfits!! 
I'm absolutely in love with the way she paired the joggers with a leather jacket! I will definitely try that, I just need a new leather jacket since my old one got too big on me! I also can't wait to wear beanies again! The weather is getting shittier every day and it's making me smile. I'm crazy, I know. But I just miss beanies. Now that I'm looking at Cara in her leather jacket I feel like I need one asap! I also love her simple white t's. Girl. Why you so perfect?


Boy, oh boy. 
I absolutely ADORE Demi. She is beautiful, and sexy and just amazing. I base my style off her since I was like 13! Our body types are in a way similar, curvy. I love her casual outfits and I honestly can't praise her style enough. She puts things you wouldn't really think to put together and she absolutely rocks it! She's not afraid to show off her amazing curves and it's great! Again, my love for leather jackets and plaid shirts is here. Demi's style is just so perfect. Can I just have her wardrobe? Oh, and her pairing heels with any outfit is just <3 and you know me, I do love me some heels. I'd honestly wear them every day if I could, and NO, it's not cause I'm short. 
Okay, maybe that but still. They make my butt look good okay?


Oh Kim, my queen. 
I just adore any outfit she wears, I want it in my life and... Why so perfect woman?! 
The Balmain blazers... DREAM! And if someone knows where I can get that dress from the third photo, I'll love you forever! I'm super in love with it! Again, Kim and I share the love for heels. I once recreated the second look and went to my lectures, I felt so glam, oh my. I'd love to get the torn jeans, they look so awesome, but I don't think they would be great for this weather. I sometimes even base my hairdo's from Kim, and my friends always compliment my hair then. There's just something about Kim. Love her!


She does dress for her age, but puts a bit of sexy and an edge into it. Again, heels, heels, heels! I like the whole skinny jeans and a loose top thing. And the bags. I swear the girl owns the nicest handbags ever! AND HAVE YOU SEEN HER SHOE CLOSET? Oh my.. I love the first outfit, simple light wash jeans and a white sweater. I'd so wear that but I'm kinda insecure to show a bit of my belly!


Maja is a Polish stylist and a celebrity. I love her choice of footwear! She finds the prettiest boots ever and pairs them with the nicest jeans out there. And she wears the bowler hats! Bowler hats are like my love. Demi Lovato got me into them and if I could, I'd pair them with every outfit. But whenever I wear it out I get mixed reactions haha, not that I mind or anything but it's just odd getting so much attention! I love the striped pants, and I kinda adore the way she put the socks with the shoes, I don't think I'd think of that myself, but it looks kinda awesome!


She's a Polish singer, and she is so freaking stunning!! Look at that pretty face! And that hair! And Her freaking clothes!! I love the creepers she's wearing in the first photo, I'd love a pair of those, sadly I can't find any in stores, I must look online. The second outfit is my favourite. I think you can now see a pattern in this, my style is pretty much skinny jeans, a loose shirt, heels and a nice jacket. That stuff never gets old, and you can never go wrong with it. 
Oh, if you haven't heard any of Marina's songs, then do! Her song 'Glam Pop' is freaking amazing! 


I remember watching Hannah Montana and being jelly of her every outfit. I'd google it and try to find similar pieces, oh boy was I obsessed haha. I love her style so much, she wears pretty much everything and manages to look great in it! There really isn't an outfit she wore that I don't see myself wearing. I am currently in love with the second and third outfit. I really want to wear tights like that and a skirt, I think it would look amazing if I was going out partying. And that all black outfit with the amazing skinny jeans and the leather jacket? Oh my, I NEED.


I love that woman. She is so beautiful! Since I lost quite a bit of weight I hear some people tell me I look like Miranda sometimes and it's so nice to hear! She always looks so perfect! I'm so jealous of her long, skinny legs! My main outfit in the fall looks pretty much the same as Miranda in the third photo. A long coat, skinny jeans, boots, loose shirt and a big bag on my forearm. I remember I was once going to my university for class and I walked my a court house, and a woman stopped me asking me when is everyone back from lunch! I was like er.. I don't work there sorry. Do I look so mature already?! 

Anyway, that is it for my style icons. There are a good few, but if you look at it, they all dress pretty much the same haha. But my main icons must be Demi, Miley, Kim and Miranda! 

Who's your style icon? Why is that?

Hope you liked the post!

much love,

makeup starter kit....

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Since school has started, or for some, is about to start, I bet that there are many many girls out there planning on starting wearing makeup. 
And if you are one of them girls, or know a girl that does, you are in the right place my friend! 
Here, I will show you just the things you need to start your own makeup kit! 

PS. If you see a * beside a product, it's one of those that a starter kit doesn't really NEED, but it's good to have! 

So, lets go!


If you're starting out, then I'd say your skin isn't in the worst of conditions! So sometimes foundation might be unnecessary! But if you think, wearing foundation will make you feel more confident, or feel better then go ahead! 

I picked this Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation because it's very very 'fool proof' so perfect if you're just starting out! No matter how much of this foundation you put on, it will never be cakey! So... Perfect! It's also a medium coverage, which seems quite suitable if you're a rookie! It's one of those foundations that are more on the affordable side, which is great for teens! They don't need to go to MAC or somewhere high end, to get a great product. I honestly wouldn't go to MAC when starting out, it's very unnecessary. I'd stick to drug store for a year or even two. 

Foundation prices vary, some are as cheap as 3 euro, (W7 Cosmetics, Essence) to 15 euro (Bourjois, Maybelline, L'Oreal) or even 30-40 euro! (MAC, Estee Lauder, Tarte)
I personally would advise you to go for the 15 euro range, they are affordable and good quality. Remember you don't need to go high end! I honestly think it's a waste of money, as you're just learning how to apply makeup! It's a trial and error, lots of products wasted most times. 


I think concealer is a must here. Everyone has a blemish or two that they want to cover, and mightn't want to wear a face full of foundation, which is fine! This is again an affordable product, this was about 8 euro, great pigmentation and I would love to see it compared to the MAC concealers, I think they are very very alike! 

So note this, concealer is one of the most important things in your kit!

Concealer prices again vary, sometimes they're as cheap as 2 euro (W7 Cosmetics), better ones are around 8 to 12 euro, (Bourjois, Collection, Rimmel London) and the high end concealers which are as much as 20-30 euro! (MAC)
Do not be 'cheap' when picking a concealer, it's going to make your skin look flawless, it should be one of the most expensive products in your kit! In my opinion that is. 


Powder I think is also a must. Actually, powder was the first thing that I wore, makeup wise. 
If you want your foundation or concealer to stay, you need powder in your life! 
I like this Maybelline powder, but the Rimmel London powders are also great, and affordable! for beginners. 

Some powders are 5 euro, (W7 Cosmetics, Rimmel London), 10 euro (Bourjois, Maybelline), or even 30-40 euro (MAC, etc.) 

Once again, do not be afraid to splurge on a powder, if your foundation/concealer/powder are good, your entire face is perfect, no need for anything else really. Invest in good face basics, it will really pay off. 



Not needed, but again, it's cool to have it. 
After you literally covered up the colour in your face with the foundation and powder, you might not want the ghost face look. Bronzer will add a bit of definition and colour to your face but REMEMBER, it's so easy to overdo your bronzer! Just a tiny bit goes a long way! 

I picked this bronzer because you can't go wrong with it if you're just starting out! It's quite sheer so you need to build it up which is good! It also fits nearly every skin colour and type. You could be as pale as snow and this colour will still look beautiful on you, and not look red! You could also be tan and this could give you an amazing golden glow. It's like the perfect bronzer. OH! It also smells like coconuts! 

This bronzer is around 13 euro I believe? I got mine for free for spending over 25 euro, it's like a Boots thing. 

Other good bronzers are the W7 Cosmetics 'Honolulu' bronzer (around 4 euro) , Benefit 'Hoola' (around 25 euro) and Rimmel London bronzers (which are usually from 7.99 to 11 euro?) 



This is definitely optional. I wouldn't really use blush to be honest. Back when I was starting out I was using the darkest blush from Rimmel and I used to overdo it so much that I looked like a clown! I wish someone told me that back then! Now I look back at photographs and cringe!! But if you really want blush, I would recommend a sheer blush. Maybe cream blush? I think you can tell I'm not into blush, so I'm not going to say much here. 

I picked this Bourjois one because they have the nicest, sheer blushes out there! 
I am in no way paid to feature Bourjois on my blog, i'm just really in love with their products. 
You have to build this up if you want it to show, so for beginners it's okay I guess. One or two brush swipes and you're good to go! They are very affordable too, this one I think was 8 euro? 

W7 Cosmetics make great blushes too! But they're more pigmented, so easier to mess up! But if you master blush then go ahead!


A must in a makeup starter kit! 
You're best to go for the nude colours first. If you learn how to blend shadows properly then switch into colours. Not much to say here, eye shadow options are endless! BUT W7 make amazing palettes! Really, this palette I showed you is a dupe for an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. 
They do nude colours and dark purples and blue smokey colours. If you got them, you definitely wouldn't regret it. 

This palette was 7 euro I believe. Super cheap, but the shadows are pigmented well and they're easy to work with. 


Mascara is a must. It makes your ayes pop! If your mascara is good, there really is no need to do anything else to make your eyes stand out. There are many mascara brushes, you have to figure out which one you like. In my opinion, the plastic wands are the best. This W7 mascara has a plastic wand. It is thick too, which gives your lashes more volume. It also separates the lashes better than other wands. It's a cheap mascara, but it's a great quality. I personally love the W7 mascaras, they give your lashes so much volume it's crazy! 

I don't think you need to spend tones of money on a mascara. Any mascara is good. Well, maybe the formula isn't the greatest in the cheap cheap ones, like the ones in Primark mascaras, but mascara is mascara. Figure out your favourite and just go with it. 

I feel like I said mascara so many times, I apologize. 
Mascara hehhehe... 


Very optional. If you freak out at the thought of something poking your eyeball then you might want to pass on those. 
But if you don't then keep reading. 
Black eyeliner on your waterline brings out your eyes like crazy. I love it and I usually wear it on nights out. It kinda makes you look.. sexy?

White eyeliner on your waterline makes your eyes bigger.

If it sounds like something that you want, then go ahead and pick up some eyeliners! 
Just make sure they're soft. There is nothing worse than a hard eyeliner on your waterline! 

Wet n Wild has great liners. I would definitely go with theirs!


Again, optional. 
If you want to master the cat eye, then go ahead and buy a felt tip liner and practice, practice, practice! It does take forever to master it, so hope you have lots of patience! 
I like this liner from Bourjois, again. It has a great applicator and it is true black. Sometimes liners give you a dark green line instead of a black, so make sure to swatch your liners before you get one! 
I love the liners from Bourjois, Essence, Collection and Rimmel London. 
So go ahead and check them out, find out with applicator you're comfortable with, test them out on the back of your hand, buy it, and have fun looking like a panda for a while! ;)  


Other than a clear lip gloss and lip balm, you really can't go wrong with a lip crayon. 
I love them when I'm in a hurry but I don't want bare lips. No need to line your lips before applying them. Most are very moisturising, which is great for the lips. So, it benefits your lips, AND looks pretty? Sign me up! 

Bourjois, Rimmel and Revlon have amazing lip crayons. I think you just need to figure out your favourite and what works for you. My favourite is the Rimmel London lip crayon, it's very moisturising and it has a great pigmentation. The Bourjois is great too as it's waterproof. 


It's a must. Don't even question it girl.


When you start out, lip gloss makes you feel fancy as hell. Am I right, or am I right ladies? 
But, lip gloss can be hell too! Especially with long hair and wind! It's just so sticky and icky and no.. 
This is a very affordable gloss from Natural Collection, it was like 2 euro I think? I have it for a long time now too! It's the prettiest shade of pink and lots of tiny gold glitter. Love, love, love it! I sadly don't know the shade but I will update this and tell you when I find out! 

There are millions of glosses out there, pick your favourites and rock them girl.


Now, if you want to be fancy, get yourself some lip liners. And then watch millions of YouTube tutorials to see how to use them. Even I honestly still haven't gotten the hang of lip liners yet, and I'm wearing makeup for like 6 years now? It's so easy to mess up with these things. Trial and error! But hey why not just take the risk and look like a clown for a few days? 

Lip liners are also super cheap! The Essence liners are only 1.79 each! 


If you feel like your brows need a bit more definition, then go ahead and fill them in. For a beginner though, I would not recommend using a pencil, but shadows. And until you master filling in your brows with a shadow then don't go near pencils! 

Many brands have eyebrow kits, Essence has one for like 5 euro I think, I liked it but decided to go a bit more high end after I used it up! So I bought this Avon shadows, (not really high end haha).
Shadows for your brows are very forgiving, I think. So easy to use, if you're as lazy with learning as me, you'll love shadows. 

But again, figure out what you like and work it!


And now the brushes. 
A must have! 
Of course, you don't need as many as I have here but you would need a good few! 
Most important ones I think are;
- a powder brush, (the big fluffy black brush in the second last photo)
- a foundation brush, (the flat brush beside the powder brush, or the round, flat top brush that's above the powder brush)
- brushes to fill in your brows, (as seen in the first brush photo)
- an eye shadow brush, (any one of the brushes in the third brush photo. 

  Here's a photo of my dog, he loves to sit by me while I take photos for my blog haha. 

Here is everything you need in your makeup starter kit! 

Remember though, do not cover up your beauty with makeup. Make your best features stand out and remember you are a stunning girl or boy! 

much love,

keeping up with my instagram...

Saturday, September 05, 2015

My loves!!!

How are you all?? 
I'm here with a post in which I will keep up with my instagram photos! 
I haven't done this in a long time and I decided to make this post like an every second week thing, I will show you the photos and talk a bit about them. And since this post will be long enough, I will stop talking now and post the photos!

That one day I wore blue contacts. And a lot of people hated it, bummer. I loved them!

Old throwback photo, I miss that sweater. It was so cute and comfy.

My small lippie haul, I got all of those to swatch for you guys for my lippie review posts. I haven't even started them yet, but soon! 

Beautiful, beautiful bra I got from H&M, I'm absolutely in love with it!

I went for a trip with my cousins and we went into some old castle ruins and the walls there were white and the lighting was just amazing. The first photo is without filter! 

There's your daily dose of cute ;) 

Think I was showing off my mani in both photos, I really miss those claws! Oh, and Marc Jacobs DOT perfume smells amazing!!

Sia is one of my favourite artists ever, and the Fire Meet Gasoline song is just so beautiful I had to share!

This photo had me laughing for good ten minutes. But when I look at it now, it's not so funny. But you can so relate to it, am I right ladies? ;) 

My Glamulet package, I will make a post about this soon, so keep an eye out!

And the chocolates I got from my parents for passing my exams! They were sooooo good!!

Soo... I tried wearing black lipstick. I liked it, but I don't think I'll be wearing it out in public! 

I kinda like this photo a lot! The sunnies are from River Island and I'm super in love with them! I wish it was sunnier here so I could wear them out more often. Sadly, summer is over.. 
Til next year babies, til next year...

I was killing the highlighter game that day and I wanted to capture it on a photo. Sadly, my camera wouldn't cooperate... Sad times..

And here a silly photo with my favourite sister. She's the only sister I have but...

Aren't these looking absolutely delish?! 
Salads I ordered when I was out in Poland. So lovely..

Throwback to Majorca. That cocktail was lovely. OH! And my River Island sunnies. I have them for two years already? Wow.

Selfie with my women! 

My new room! I redecorated it and my dad got me the old vanity table and I'm in love with it! I will have a room tour post up asap for you guys!

That photo has touched my freaking soul! How cute is that?!! 

See you guys in two weeks!!

much love,