Since school has started, or for some, is about to start, I bet that there are many many girls out there planning on starting wearing makeup. 
And if you are one of them girls, or know a girl that does, you are in the right place my friend! 
Here, I will show you just the things you need to start your own makeup kit! 

PS. If you see a * beside a product, it's one of those that a starter kit doesn't really NEED, but it's good to have! 

So, lets go!


If you're starting out, then I'd say your skin isn't in the worst of conditions! So sometimes foundation might be unnecessary! But if you think, wearing foundation will make you feel more confident, or feel better then go ahead! 

I picked this Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation because it's very very 'fool proof' so perfect if you're just starting out! No matter how much of this foundation you put on, it will never be cakey! So... Perfect! It's also a medium coverage, which seems quite suitable if you're a rookie! It's one of those foundations that are more on the affordable side, which is great for teens! They don't need to go to MAC or somewhere high end, to get a great product. I honestly wouldn't go to MAC when starting out, it's very unnecessary. I'd stick to drug store for a year or even two. 

Foundation prices vary, some are as cheap as 3 euro, (W7 Cosmetics, Essence) to 15 euro (Bourjois, Maybelline, L'Oreal) or even 30-40 euro! (MAC, Estee Lauder, Tarte)
I personally would advise you to go for the 15 euro range, they are affordable and good quality. Remember you don't need to go high end! I honestly think it's a waste of money, as you're just learning how to apply makeup! It's a trial and error, lots of products wasted most times. 


I think concealer is a must here. Everyone has a blemish or two that they want to cover, and mightn't want to wear a face full of foundation, which is fine! This is again an affordable product, this was about 8 euro, great pigmentation and I would love to see it compared to the MAC concealers, I think they are very very alike! 

So note this, concealer is one of the most important things in your kit!

Concealer prices again vary, sometimes they're as cheap as 2 euro (W7 Cosmetics), better ones are around 8 to 12 euro, (Bourjois, Collection, Rimmel London) and the high end concealers which are as much as 20-30 euro! (MAC)
Do not be 'cheap' when picking a concealer, it's going to make your skin look flawless, it should be one of the most expensive products in your kit! In my opinion that is. 


Powder I think is also a must. Actually, powder was the first thing that I wore, makeup wise. 
If you want your foundation or concealer to stay, you need powder in your life! 
I like this Maybelline powder, but the Rimmel London powders are also great, and affordable! for beginners. 

Some powders are 5 euro, (W7 Cosmetics, Rimmel London), 10 euro (Bourjois, Maybelline), or even 30-40 euro (MAC, etc.) 

Once again, do not be afraid to splurge on a powder, if your foundation/concealer/powder are good, your entire face is perfect, no need for anything else really. Invest in good face basics, it will really pay off. 



Not needed, but again, it's cool to have it. 
After you literally covered up the colour in your face with the foundation and powder, you might not want the ghost face look. Bronzer will add a bit of definition and colour to your face but REMEMBER, it's so easy to overdo your bronzer! Just a tiny bit goes a long way! 

I picked this bronzer because you can't go wrong with it if you're just starting out! It's quite sheer so you need to build it up which is good! It also fits nearly every skin colour and type. You could be as pale as snow and this colour will still look beautiful on you, and not look red! You could also be tan and this could give you an amazing golden glow. It's like the perfect bronzer. OH! It also smells like coconuts! 

This bronzer is around 13 euro I believe? I got mine for free for spending over 25 euro, it's like a Boots thing. 

Other good bronzers are the W7 Cosmetics 'Honolulu' bronzer (around 4 euro) , Benefit 'Hoola' (around 25 euro) and Rimmel London bronzers (which are usually from 7.99 to 11 euro?) 



This is definitely optional. I wouldn't really use blush to be honest. Back when I was starting out I was using the darkest blush from Rimmel and I used to overdo it so much that I looked like a clown! I wish someone told me that back then! Now I look back at photographs and cringe!! But if you really want blush, I would recommend a sheer blush. Maybe cream blush? I think you can tell I'm not into blush, so I'm not going to say much here. 

I picked this Bourjois one because they have the nicest, sheer blushes out there! 
I am in no way paid to feature Bourjois on my blog, i'm just really in love with their products. 
You have to build this up if you want it to show, so for beginners it's okay I guess. One or two brush swipes and you're good to go! They are very affordable too, this one I think was 8 euro? 

W7 Cosmetics make great blushes too! But they're more pigmented, so easier to mess up! But if you master blush then go ahead!


A must in a makeup starter kit! 
You're best to go for the nude colours first. If you learn how to blend shadows properly then switch into colours. Not much to say here, eye shadow options are endless! BUT W7 make amazing palettes! Really, this palette I showed you is a dupe for an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. 
They do nude colours and dark purples and blue smokey colours. If you got them, you definitely wouldn't regret it. 

This palette was 7 euro I believe. Super cheap, but the shadows are pigmented well and they're easy to work with. 


Mascara is a must. It makes your ayes pop! If your mascara is good, there really is no need to do anything else to make your eyes stand out. There are many mascara brushes, you have to figure out which one you like. In my opinion, the plastic wands are the best. This W7 mascara has a plastic wand. It is thick too, which gives your lashes more volume. It also separates the lashes better than other wands. It's a cheap mascara, but it's a great quality. I personally love the W7 mascaras, they give your lashes so much volume it's crazy! 

I don't think you need to spend tones of money on a mascara. Any mascara is good. Well, maybe the formula isn't the greatest in the cheap cheap ones, like the ones in Primark mascaras, but mascara is mascara. Figure out your favourite and just go with it. 

I feel like I said mascara so many times, I apologize. 
Mascara hehhehe... 


Very optional. If you freak out at the thought of something poking your eyeball then you might want to pass on those. 
But if you don't then keep reading. 
Black eyeliner on your waterline brings out your eyes like crazy. I love it and I usually wear it on nights out. It kinda makes you look.. sexy?

White eyeliner on your waterline makes your eyes bigger.

If it sounds like something that you want, then go ahead and pick up some eyeliners! 
Just make sure they're soft. There is nothing worse than a hard eyeliner on your waterline! 

Wet n Wild has great liners. I would definitely go with theirs!


Again, optional. 
If you want to master the cat eye, then go ahead and buy a felt tip liner and practice, practice, practice! It does take forever to master it, so hope you have lots of patience! 
I like this liner from Bourjois, again. It has a great applicator and it is true black. Sometimes liners give you a dark green line instead of a black, so make sure to swatch your liners before you get one! 
I love the liners from Bourjois, Essence, Collection and Rimmel London. 
So go ahead and check them out, find out with applicator you're comfortable with, test them out on the back of your hand, buy it, and have fun looking like a panda for a while! ;)  


Other than a clear lip gloss and lip balm, you really can't go wrong with a lip crayon. 
I love them when I'm in a hurry but I don't want bare lips. No need to line your lips before applying them. Most are very moisturising, which is great for the lips. So, it benefits your lips, AND looks pretty? Sign me up! 

Bourjois, Rimmel and Revlon have amazing lip crayons. I think you just need to figure out your favourite and what works for you. My favourite is the Rimmel London lip crayon, it's very moisturising and it has a great pigmentation. The Bourjois is great too as it's waterproof. 


It's a must. Don't even question it girl.


When you start out, lip gloss makes you feel fancy as hell. Am I right, or am I right ladies? 
But, lip gloss can be hell too! Especially with long hair and wind! It's just so sticky and icky and no.. 
This is a very affordable gloss from Natural Collection, it was like 2 euro I think? I have it for a long time now too! It's the prettiest shade of pink and lots of tiny gold glitter. Love, love, love it! I sadly don't know the shade but I will update this and tell you when I find out! 

There are millions of glosses out there, pick your favourites and rock them girl.


Now, if you want to be fancy, get yourself some lip liners. And then watch millions of YouTube tutorials to see how to use them. Even I honestly still haven't gotten the hang of lip liners yet, and I'm wearing makeup for like 6 years now? It's so easy to mess up with these things. Trial and error! But hey why not just take the risk and look like a clown for a few days? 

Lip liners are also super cheap! The Essence liners are only 1.79 each! 


If you feel like your brows need a bit more definition, then go ahead and fill them in. For a beginner though, I would not recommend using a pencil, but shadows. And until you master filling in your brows with a shadow then don't go near pencils! 

Many brands have eyebrow kits, Essence has one for like 5 euro I think, I liked it but decided to go a bit more high end after I used it up! So I bought this Avon shadows, (not really high end haha).
Shadows for your brows are very forgiving, I think. So easy to use, if you're as lazy with learning as me, you'll love shadows. 

But again, figure out what you like and work it!


And now the brushes. 
A must have! 
Of course, you don't need as many as I have here but you would need a good few! 
Most important ones I think are;
- a powder brush, (the big fluffy black brush in the second last photo)
- a foundation brush, (the flat brush beside the powder brush, or the round, flat top brush that's above the powder brush)
- brushes to fill in your brows, (as seen in the first brush photo)
- an eye shadow brush, (any one of the brushes in the third brush photo. 

  Here's a photo of my dog, he loves to sit by me while I take photos for my blog haha. 

Here is everything you need in your makeup starter kit! 

Remember though, do not cover up your beauty with makeup. Make your best features stand out and remember you are a stunning girl or boy! 

much love,