Muh darlings! 

I am back with another lip product review, and this time I shall show you and tell you about the Bourjois lipstick. 

Yes, it's a lipstick.
Yes, it does go matte after application. 
And yes, it looks absolutely stunning! 

It is in an okay price range, not too expensive, but it's not cheap either! But that's Bourjois for you.

Definitely worth the price and I wish I've gotten more of those babies! They apply so easily! The thing I'm not a fan of though, is the time it takes for the lipstick to dry and turn matte. It takes like 5 minutes maybe? But once it dries it does stay on for a long time and even kissing wont rub it off ;) It's one of those lippies you'd pick for a date! 

I would advise to swatch the lippies yourself, I made the mistake of looking at the product in the packaging and thinking oh I like that, it's Kylie Jenner enough! It turned out to be redder than I wanted it to be :( It's still a great colour yeah! But not what I wanted at the time. 

I give it 6/10

Here are some photos!


much love,