So after a stressful few weeks I decided to treat myself and buy myself some nice stuff to make myself feel better, plus I found 35 euro on the ground one day AND I ran out of foundation and powder, you know when you use the very last bits of your foundation and it makes you look orange? Well in my boyfriends opinion I looked orange and mean.. So obviously I needed to get some more, no way am I gonna walk around looking like a furious umpa-lumpa.


I got this stuff about two weeks ago, so I can tell you if I liked the product or not, unless I plan on doing reviews on them. 
I can tell you, I'm not a big fan of this beauty blender from Primark. Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I doubt it. I always get it damp before use, either with water or setting spray. But it's really hard. It actually rubbed the concealer off my face! Maybe I need to use it more or something to get it softer, but I really miss my RealTechniques blender! 


It's so beautiful!! I will not show you the inside, because I want to do a review on it. But all I can say is that it's an affordable palette of 8 concealer shades, not necessarily for contouring, I use it for highlight. Only thing I don't like is that you hit the pan wayy too quickly. 


I swear highlighters hate me, or I'm doing it wrong, or I just don't notice it and my cheekbones actually do shine bright like a diamond? 
Anyways, this stuff looks lovely when swatched, but disappears on your cheeks? How? I'm probably doing it wrong, so excuse me while I go and YouTube how one applies highlighter..


My lovely boyfriend considers it cheating, but I think this is brilliant! This stuff keeps your makeup on forever!! Just make sure to shake the bottle cause if you don't, you WILL end up with white dots all over your face, and yes. I am speaking from experience.. Very, very very frustrating experience.


This is my fav powder of all time, and since James spilled my other one on the top of my head (I swear, I think he absolutely hates the stuff), I needed a new one. And since it was only 4 euro in TESCO, (6 euro in Boots), I was like yasss give me!! So I got it. It's absolutely amazing, it sets the makeup so well, and makes your face matte too! And you know how I love my matte face right.

So if you follow me for long enough, you know that I try many foundations, but I always go back to this one. It smells so nice, applies so well, looks amazing and it's just great. Definitely my favourite drug store foundation. I would definitely recommend it. 


Again, I will not show the inside as I will use it for my lippie reviews but I wanted a nice sheer pink lipstick and when I seen this one I fell in love. It looks so nice if I pair it with a nice natural makeup and some blush. 

I've been into wearing false lashes every day now and my brows were a mess, I needed to get some tweezers. Am I the only one that manages to lose those things? Every. Time. I. Get. New. Ones. I swear I must have lost like 20 of those things already. I was walking around Primark and I seen those pretty little things and I was like YES GET IN MY BASKET!!!

That is sadly all for today, other than the blender I'm extremely happy with the things I bought, and if you want me to do a review on any of those things asap, just comment and I'll do it as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading you guys! Do you have any of these things? How are you finding them?

Much love,