Hello babes!

Can we just take a minute and thank the nail gods for helping me snap out of my horrible, horrible nail art ideas? Not even the nail art, but the condition of my hands and nails, the lenght of them too? I will show you what I mean. I got all of my instagram photos, showing off my nails.. Some are making me cringe so bad! Why oh why did anyone let me have those THINGS on my fingers?! This is one of them times when you realize who's your real friend lol. Soo.. Prepare yourselves for some gruesome photos.

Okay, these weren't so bad. 
I kind of like them even, just not a fan of the whole short nails thing to be honest. I have incredibly chubby fingers, and I think that with short nails my hands look bigger. I also done these myself. I remember I was like ridiculously proud of that cheetah print! Oh lordy!

If you think this is bad, I must tell you, it does get worse. Those cuticles, oh noon! I remember I was at my worst stage of anaemia at that time so maybe it was because of that? And I done these nails myself, they weren't my natural nails of course. I even applied the gel myself and stuff haha. I'm glad that period is behind me! Never again!!

Okay, this is a bit better! The first nails, the ones on the left I got them done. I was not happy with the rhinestones and dots on my ring fingers though! Ombre would be fine by itself though I think! They were an odd colour too. Purple to turquoise? Not a fan! 
The mustache nails were fake nails I got in Primark! They were alright I guess? But the nails were so see through that you could see the glue under!

My Primark fake nails phase scares me now that I'm looking at it! Both are Primark brand nails, I just painted over the first ones. I was inspired by Lana Del Rey I think, but honestly, if Lana seen it, she'd be inspired to write some depressing song. 

Short natural nails yet again, not bad I guess. The cheetah print is there! I find my natural nails an odd shape. Like they're triangular? How does that happen??

Now.. My darkest days..
That thumb nail. I repeat THAT THUMB NAIL!!  Just.. Can someone tell me why?
And was I like obsessed with cheetah or something?! 

Okay, back to more natural nails. Thank God!  
Cuticles still in a tragic condition, but not as bad as it was earlier! My thumb is so fat, oh boy!

Snow nails!! I actually adore those haha. I mean how cute are those? I did them myself too! Fell off after a day though haha, damn you shitty Primark glue! 

My claw obsession began. I must admit though, the white nails were waaay too long! I had them done for a two week holiday, and I came back home and they were like at least 1.5 inches long! So painful too! I loved them at the time though so I guess that's what matters. And the second nail art I had done for my Debs/Prom. As you can see they were poorly done, I will never go back to that nail lady again. And the gems irritated me after a while. Moving on...

Finally, were in the better days. 
I did not do these myself, I used to go to this amazing woman to get them done. Used to because she moved now (sad face) But if any of you are in Galway, she's there! She works in this place called MINT, I'll link it here 
I will miss her so much, my nails will too!! I think the second nail set was my favourite, the nails were like a perfect shape and all. Now I have short nails again, not the short short that I used to, but they're definitely shorter than the ones above. 

oh, and these are my favourites! I usually go for the nude nails and stuff but when I decide to finally leave my comfort zone this happens! I was so in love with those oh my. I adore lilac and the pattern on the ring finger was done so beautifully. I think I'll actually get those re-done. 

That's it! I didn't instagram some of my nails, which is sad but.. 

Which ones do you think are the best/worst? 
Did you have an addiction to Primark nails?

Much love,