Youtube, here I come!!

Monday, December 29, 2014
My darlings!

In my previous posts I have mentioned that I wanted to start a YouTube channel. And guess what!! I DID! I have uploaded my first video two days ago with my friend and I am quite happy with it seen as it's my first video ever. I will put the video here so you can watch it here! I would love if you subscribed and gave the video a biig thumbs up! Thank youu!! Soo.. Here it is!!


PS. Excuse the picture, when YouTube picked it out I couldn't stop laughing!

Hope you like(d) the video! 


Christmas Sweater OD

Friday, December 12, 2014
Hi there!!
I'm home for the weekend, well I should actually be studying for my last two exams that are next week, and I know I left my blog for a bit, and I'm sorry. I'm back with a rather Christmassy post. Okay, Christmas jumpers. Who has them? I got one from my sister last year, it actually lights up, which so embarrassingly hilarious. Of course I love it, and a big thank you goes to my sister. But has anyone noticed that the jumpers get a whole lot more hype than they used to? So basically, you don't have a Christmas jumper, you're not living your life right? But do not worry, my friend, I am here to show you different jumpers from different shops, and that are also quite 'wearable' and don't light up like a Christmas tree ( ha ha hano ). Soooo leggo..

 So, all three of these babies are from New Look 

Now, here's the fun part. Cause who doesn't like Tesco brand clothes?!

Oh Topshop. You babe <3

What would a clothes post be without my lovely ROMWE

And, I eh, tried to find some funny jumpers as a nice end to the post but I kept finding really inappropriate ones. So.. I'm sorry. 
I'm soon starting my Christmas holidays, I'm then making my first youtube video!! So see you then!


Skin Perfection..

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
    Hi darlings! 
I'm back with a new post! This time, no complaining about college or anything else, but getting straight into it! Today's post is completely beauty related. So I'm a part of this group on Facebook, it was created by one of the coolest beauty gurus on YouTube, Shaaanxo, and I've seen the girls RAAVE about the micellar water, so I decided to give it a try for my blog, plus it was quite cheap! 4euro per bottle isn't that bad I think. I had to choose from the Garnier ones and the L'oreal, and I decided to go with the L'oreal because it seemed a bit fancier ;) And it had the toner to go with it. 
Soo.. Here's a little background.

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Basically water. So what the bottle says it does is that it's supposed to 1. Dissolve makeup, 2. Unclog pores and remove impurities and 3. Tone and soothe the skin. So, does it really do what it says it does? As you can probably tell I have used a good bit more than half of the bottle so I can give you a honest (as always) review on it. I was in no way sponsored by L'oreal to make this post, I just did it because... Well, because I could. So, answering the question, does it really do what it says it does? Well my answer is.. No, no it doesn't. 1. Does not dissolve makeup, well yeah, it does help you remove it but you have to rub and apply pressure and that's not great if you have sensitive eyes like I do. Again, this is my opinion so it might not be the same for everybody, if it worked for you then I'm happy and you should definitely teach me your ways! And if it didn't, well hi5 sister, join the club. 2. I have not noticed if it unclogged my pores because mine aren't that visible which I'm very happy about, but I didn't notice any blackheads coming up so that's a good thing I suppose. 3. Did not tone or soothe my skin, it actually didn't do anything for it. 
So, out of 10?
3/10 for this baby right there. 
You just pay 4 euro (or more) for a fancy bottle of water, from a fancy company. 
Will I repurchase? No. 

L'oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner.


Oh sweet baby Jesus! This thing smells UH-MAZING! But. Does it work? Yes! Yes it does! And it makes me a happy happy individual! It smells amazing, a little bit of it goes a really long way and it does everything that it says it's supposed to! It leaves your skin so so so soft! I would recommend it to everyone! 
So, out of 10?
Seriously, you (yes you reading this, you beautiful creature) need this in your life. 
Will I repurchase? DUH!

So this is it for today, I'm sorry I'm so late with everything but I promise to write whenever I can. 

See you in another post. 

Rest in Peace

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Hi there!

How is everyone? I've been fine! College really is hard work! I have so many assignments that I truly don't know where to start! But, enough about that, because this post is written in memory of the late Oscar de la Renta. Surely, as many other people, I was deeply saddened to hear that one of my main inspirations has passed away. Back in my 'fashion designer' times I was greatly inspired by his work, his amazing pieces weren't only things celebrities wore to the red carpet events, they were true pieces of art, for example the latest gown he designed especially for the 'forever a bachelor (well - not - anymore) ' George Clooney's wife, Amal Alamuddin ( Perhaps now Amal Clooney ). But let's not forget other amazing designs Sarah Jessica Parker has worn for events like this years MET Gala, or the last collection created by de la Renta, his spring/summer 2015 show. I always dreamed of getting my wedding dress designed by Oscar de la Renta. It would be the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen, but I guess it won't happen. Anyway, I hope that years and years from now, Oscar de la Renta will still be remembered, and that the company still runs, creating more amazing designs.

Rest in Peace 


Thursday, October 02, 2014
Hi there,
I NEED TO GET NEW CLOTHES! Well, I went shopping a few days ago, and I got quite a few things. I'm kinda upset I didn't take pictures of the stuff I got. Maybe when I go back to my room in Galway I will since I left all my stuff there! Anyway, this post is like a guideline for me and maybe for you if you are planning to go do some fall clothes shopping. None of the photos are mine, I found them all on tumblr! I'm posting some pictures since I don't really have much time to write a post, I left my laptop charger in the cloak room in my university! I will go get it later on today hopefully!


I'm sorry this post was super quick, I'll make it up to you! I promise!!


Keeping up with Instamix...

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Hi there,
I was thinking about writing a new post, since I have a 2 hour break between lectures, and I kept thinking, and thinking, and I have no idea what to write about. I have no hauls, no outfits, no follow me around type of pics. And then BAM Instagram pics!! I know I have so many of those posts already but I think they're fun! There are quite a few of them, 49 I think, so this post will be suuper long! I wont write too much then. Let's move onto the pics!

Hej Wszystkim,
Myslalam nad nowym postem, myslalam, myslalam, i nie mialam pojecia o czym napisac. Nie mam zadnych haul'ow, zadnych outfit'ow ani innych fotek. Ale nagle pomyslalam.. Instagram! Wiem, wiem, mam takich postow juz duzo, ale szczerze mowiac, lubie je edytowac itp. Fotek jest dosyc duzo, chyba 49, wiec nie bede sie rozpisywac, i juz daje fotki!

With my friends 

Stole my sisters glasses / Ukradlam okulary siostrze
Sweater weather!! / Pogoda na swetry!!
I swear this is the saddest shopper in the world / Najsmutniejszy zakupowicz swiata
Oxblood lips

All taken in Mallorca. I loved it! Hope to go there again someday! The lake was just outside of my hotel! How pretty is that?! Oh, and a Mojito. Oops.
Wszystkie zrobione na Majorce. Bylo pieknie, i ma nadzieje ze kiedys tam jeszcze wruce. Rzeczka byla na terenie mojego hotelu! Przepiekne! Oh, i Mojito. Oops

Fell in love with swings all over again / Znow zakochalam sie w hustawkach
My baby when she was just a baby / Moje kochanie kiedy miescila sie w dloni
'Dont cry because it's over, smile because it happened'
My lovely ring, I was so in love with it, until it broke in half :( / Moj piekny pierscionek, bylam w nim zakochana, dopuki nie zalmal sie w pol

Real Techniques baby!
Tiny tiny college clothes haul / Maly haul na studia
Packing for Mallorca! / Majorka!

Lemon water from starbucks = heaven / Cytrynowa woda ze Starbucksa = niebo
Lovely little bee in Mallorca / Piekna tyci osa na Majorce

Biggest ice cream sundae I've ever had / Najwiekszy deser lodowy mojego zycia
University! / Universytet!
Friends / Znajomi

Gifts for passing my Leaving Cert / Prezenty za zdanie matury
The Fault in Our Stars / W Gwiazdach naszych Wina
Cute little fruit packet / Paczuszka owocow

Super long nails for my summer vacation / Super dlugie paznokcie na wakacje
Red lips / Znow czerwone usta

The park in NUIG / Park NUIG
Poolside with my sister / Basen z siostra

I asked my roommate to check if I blew out my candle, she sent me this. / Zapytalam sie wspolokatorki zeby sprawdzila czy zgasilam swieczke, to byla jej odpowiedz
R. I. P. Joan Rivers
Reading TFIOS by the pool / GNW i basen 


Life update...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Hello my lovelies.
I am back, finally. Took me longer than two weeks I think, but settling in is quite difficult. Being away from family is quite hard, but the longer you are away, the easier it gets. I was lucky enough to instantly make friends the day I moved into my room, although I did get my heart broken by a guy I was 'talking' to for a long time, (and I don't really wanna talk about it on my blog), it was a nice experience. I'm liking the whole responsibility thing! Doing my own shopping, cooking for myself, just taking care of myself is quite fun! College is completely different than I have imagined. If you stayed with me for the past few months you know I was absolutely terrified! But really, I'm loving it! I love the way I get to discover life in a big town. I have lived in small villages for the last 9 years but now I'm in a huge town. I get to experience new things. See life from a different angle. This is how it's going to be for the rest of my life. I'm no longer following my parents everywhere, I have to do things on my own, and I like to be independent. And college life is as fun as it is in movies, except the part where you bump into some guy and your books fall onto the ground, he'd pick them up for you give them back with a smile on his face. And then he'd look into your eyes and tell you that you're beautiful, and he'd ask you if you wanted to go out for lunch with him. This doesn't happen, guys will not pick up your books for you. Unless they're true gentlemen. I've read somewhere that girls say chivalry is dead. But I think girls are just bitches so guys stopped trying? Anywho, lost the whole purpose of the post. College is great, and I do hope every one of you could get the experience.
I joined a style society in my college, and hopefully I'll find some girls that would be interested in taking pictures for my outfit posts. And this is about it! I will be back with new posts as soon as I can. I need to find balance between uni, blog and the other fun stuff. I hope to write something new this week! See you then!

Hej wszystkim.
Wrocilam. Zajelo mi to dluzej niz dwa tygodnie, ale troche zajelo mi przyzwyczajanie sie do nowego miejsca! Bycie z daleka od rodziny jest dosyc trudne, ale im dluzej tu jestem, jest to latwiejsze. Mialam szczescie ze mam fajnych wspolokatorow, i zaprzyjaznilismy sie juz w pierwszy dzien. Podoba mi sie ta cala odpowiedzialnosc! Sama robie zakupy, gotuje, i jest to naprawde fajne! Studia sa inne niz sobie to wyobrazalam. Jesli czytacie mojego bloga od dlurzszego czasu, to wiecie ze strasznie sie balam. Teraz kiedy o tym mysle, mowie sobie ze bylam glupia. Podoba mi sie to ze zycie we wielkim miescie jest inne. Przez ostatnie 9 lat mojego zycia mieszkalam w malym miasteczku, ale teraz jestem w wielkim miescie. Tu jest kompletnie inaczej. Od teraz sama musze o siebie dbac, i podoba mi sie to ze jestem samodzielna. Zycie na studiach nie jest takie jak w filmach. Nie poznajesz milosci zycia na pierwszym wykladzie, kiedy upuszczasz ksiarzki i nagle jakis przystojny chlopak pomaga ci je pozbierac i pyta sie czy chcesz isc z nim na kawe. Studia sa naprawde fajne, i mam nadzieje ze kazdy z was bedzie mogl tego doswiadczyc. Zapisalam sie do klubu modowego, i mam nadzieje ze znajde kogos kto chcialby robic zdjecia na posty 'outfit'owe'. I to chyba wszystko. Wruce z innymi postami kiedy bede miala czas. Mam nadzieje ze uda mi sie cos napisac w tym tygodniu. Do zobaczenia!


I know... I know...

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Hey there,
I know! I abandoned my baby for a little over a month BUT believe me, it was worth it. How? Well, I got great news. Well for me anyways.
1. I went to Majorca with my sister earlier this month.
2. I passed my leaving cert.
3. I got accepted into university!
I probably won't be on for a little while, until I settle in Galway. I will try to find someone that is interested in photography, and hopefully I will start putting up outfit posts! I have a lot of posts coming up, like photos I took in Majorca, some hauls and stuff. This is just a short little note to tell you that I am alive and to share the great news with my readers! So, this is it! I will see you again in about two weeks, hopefully sooner!

Hej wszystkim,
Tak, wiem.. Zostawilam moje dziecko na wiecej niz miesiac, ALE bylo warto. Dlaczego? Mam pare nowinek.
1. Bylam na Majorce z siostra w tym miesiacu.
2. Zdalam mature.
3. Dostalam sie na uniwerytet!
Niestety nie bede na blogu przez pare dni, musze sie przyzwyczaic do Galway. Mam nadzieje ze znajde kogos kto intersuje sie fotografia, i wtedy bym dodawala outfitowe posty! Juz mam zebrane pare postow, np zdjecia z Majorki, pare haul'ow itp. To bedzie mala notatka zeby powiadomic was ze tak zyje. Zobaczymy sie znow za dwa tygodnie, mam nadzieje ze nawet wczesniej!


W7 Cosmetics

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Hello darlings,
I was shopping today with my mom and I came across the W7 cosmetics stand. What was very interesting about it were the prices! Mascara for 2.49? Powder for 2.99? Eyeshadow palette for 2.99? Bargain! I wanted to give them a shot. I plan on buying more products from them, but sadly most of the stuff was sold out or just not my shade. I will go around town to see where else I can find W7 and I definitely will buy more stuff and review them here. I just wanted to tell you about the brand and show you a few products, Im super excited to try them out!

Hej wszystkim,
Bylam dzis na zakupach z mama, I znalazlam stoisko W7. Odrazu zauwazylam ceny! Tusz do rzes za 2.49, Puder za 2.99 i paletka cieni za 2.99! Chcialam dac im szanse. Planuje kupic od nich wiecej produktow, ale niestety wiekszosc byla juz wyprzedana albo nie w moim odcieniu. Pochodze troche po miescie i popatrze czy jakis inny sklep sprzedaje W7, wtedy na pewno kupie wiecej i napisze o nich tutaj. Naraze chcialam wam powiedziec o marce i pokazac wam pare rzeczy. Nie moge sie doczekac zeby ich uzyc.

Look at the brush on this mascara!! / Patrzcie na ta szczoteczke!!

I was very surprised with this powder! I did not expect to find a brush inside, it's so soft as well!! / Bylam bardzo zaskoczona tym pudrem! Nie spodziewalam sie mieciutkiego pedzelka w srodku!

The shadows are so soft! Unfortunately they are very sheer but I still love them! / Cienie sa bardzo gladkie, niestety dosyc przezroczyste ale i tak jestem z nich zadowolona. 


Have you tried the W7 brand? What do you think of it? Any products you'd recommend?