Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi there,
I love to do my nails, but I hate when it dries forever. I believe it is the only time a woman is vunerable. When her nailpolish is still wet. I experimented a lot with my nails, and still plan on experimenting. They are nails, not teeth, they will grow back. Looking back at those I don't like them anymore. Too long, chunkly looking and just pure eww. I think I learned my lesson and will put more effort into them. My curticles too! They are awful, you can even see it on the photos. Here they are.

Kocham malowac paznokcie, ale nienawidze kiedy schna godzinami. Sadze ze to jest jedyny czas kiedy kobieta jest bezbronna. Duzo ekperymentowalam z paznokciami, i nadal zamierzam. Paznokcie nie zeby, odrosna. Kiedy tak patrze na te fotki, to nie zbyt mi sie podobaja. Za dlugie, za duze i niestaranne. Chyba wyciagnelam z tego konsekwecje i bede bardziej sie starala. Moje skorki tez! Sa straszne! Mozna nawet to zobaczyc na zdjeciach. Daje je tu.

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  2. Beautiful nails and cute blog!


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