Hi darlings! 
I'm back with a new post! This time, no complaining about college or anything else, but getting straight into it! Today's post is completely beauty related. So I'm a part of this group on Facebook, it was created by one of the coolest beauty gurus on YouTube, Shaaanxo, and I've seen the girls RAAVE about the micellar water, so I decided to give it a try for my blog, plus it was quite cheap! 4euro per bottle isn't that bad I think. I had to choose from the Garnier ones and the L'oreal, and I decided to go with the L'oreal because it seemed a bit fancier ;) And it had the toner to go with it. 
Soo.. Here's a little background.

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Basically water. So what the bottle says it does is that it's supposed to 1. Dissolve makeup, 2. Unclog pores and remove impurities and 3. Tone and soothe the skin. So, does it really do what it says it does? As you can probably tell I have used a good bit more than half of the bottle so I can give you a honest (as always) review on it. I was in no way sponsored by L'oreal to make this post, I just did it because... Well, because I could. So, answering the question, does it really do what it says it does? Well my answer is.. No, no it doesn't. 1. Does not dissolve makeup, well yeah, it does help you remove it but you have to rub and apply pressure and that's not great if you have sensitive eyes like I do. Again, this is my opinion so it might not be the same for everybody, if it worked for you then I'm happy and you should definitely teach me your ways! And if it didn't, well hi5 sister, join the club. 2. I have not noticed if it unclogged my pores because mine aren't that visible which I'm very happy about, but I didn't notice any blackheads coming up so that's a good thing I suppose. 3. Did not tone or soothe my skin, it actually didn't do anything for it. 
So, out of 10?
3/10 for this baby right there. 
You just pay 4 euro (or more) for a fancy bottle of water, from a fancy company. 
Will I repurchase? No. 

L'oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner.


Oh sweet baby Jesus! This thing smells UH-MAZING! But. Does it work? Yes! Yes it does! And it makes me a happy happy individual! It smells amazing, a little bit of it goes a really long way and it does everything that it says it's supposed to! It leaves your skin so so so soft! I would recommend it to everyone! 
So, out of 10?
Seriously, you (yes you reading this, you beautiful creature) need this in your life. 
Will I repurchase? DUH!

So this is it for today, I'm sorry I'm so late with everything but I promise to write whenever I can. 

See you in another post.