Hello my darlings!! 

How is everyone?! 

So this post is all about the products that sadly I regret buying. 
There are quite a few of those too! I'm super disappointed with them to be honest. Some of them cost quite a bit of money, and some didn't, so I guess I shouldn't have expected lots from those but hey, I loved them brands, I was always happy with their products, just not these ones. 

So let's have a look at them. 

Name and shame much? 

The W7 Naked Nudes Palette.

As you probably know, if you follow my blog, I'm a big fan of W7 and like 99.5% of their stuff. I always give them a lot of hype, cause they really are worth it! Just not this thing right here. 
The shadows are crazy sheer. Only one of them actually appears on your eyelids, still not super pigmented though. Well yeah, it was only like 3 euro, I didn't expect MAC or Inglot quality from them but still expected SOME kind of pigmentation. The shadows are super chalky also. I just really don't like them, so I could go on and on about them! I guess it's one of those palettes you buy your little daughter or sister for them to play with?

Essence 'Disney Cinderella' collection highlighter. 

Oh boy was I disappointed! 
Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm okay with other highlighters, just not this one? Help! I really want to make it work! It's so pretty? 
I mean look at the tiny cute roses on it?! 
So what's wrong with it..
It's not showing up! Well I know highlighter isn't supposed to be a huge white strip of sparkle on your cheekbones but come on, this doesn't even have a tiny bit of shine to it. 
Sorry, I can't even concentrate, I'm so disappointed haha.

W7 Prime Magic, Anti-Redness Primer. 

Anti-Redness you say? NO GIRL, NO! 

That thing does not eliminate any redness from your face, not one bit. I usually have redness around my eyes and nose area, and I've been trying to find something for that. And while I was casually strolling around the W7 stands, I noticed this baby right here. And I thought to myself 'OH I NEED IT'
So I got it. Tried it out. Got disappointed. Like girls do with guys these days..

Well it has a nice texture to it, it's the primer that's in a kind of a 'liquid' form, and it turns into powder when it touches your face. So it's nice in that way. But the anti-redness thing? Nah, definitely not a thing. And the smell is super plastic. 

L'Oreal Paris, Eau de Teint foundation.

Aw hell no! 
I hated it! No offence L'Oreal, I love your stuff but giiirl.. 
Your skin has to be FLAWLESS if you want to wear this foundation. It has no coverage whatsoever. The consistency is literally water. As it says in the name. 
I paid I think it was 8 euro for this, it was like a deal in my local pharmacy. And to be honest, I regret every cent that I've paid towards it. 

Some random Avon palette I've had for ages...

Aw hell to the no girl...
1. No pigmentation at all.

2. Just no..

I was so disappointed with this one! 
Doesn't it look so fancy? Almost Chanel like but Chanel at least has some pigment to it! 
I'm happy with different shades of this palette, for example, I've another one called 'Mocha Brown' and I love it! I use it for my eyebrows and it's doing a great job. 

Perhaps it's maybe this that isn't working for me. 
PS. I've had this for ages, and it didn't work for me back when I first got it either. So it's definitely not due to the old age.

And the last disappointment of the day is this GOSH waterproof mascara.

The brush is quite tragic, it clumps the lashes like mad! The formula is alright I suppose. But I don't think I will be coming back to this mascara ever again.
Plus, the smell isn't the nicest.

That's it for today my huns!
Do you  have any of these yourself? Do they work for you?
Tell me all about it!

Much love,