Hello my lovelies!

I'm here with another quick lip product review and today it's the Pout Paint by Sleek. 
Technically, I didn't buy this. I got it in my Glossybox. But the review is going to be 101% honest. As always. 

The shade I got is Minx and I love it. It is the perfect natural shade of pink you can wear on your lips. It looks absolutely stunning on the lips and I would definitely recommend it to you guys. 

Sleek has many other shades of the Pout Paints and you can mix them together to get any shade that you want. I think it's quite cool and I think I should mix the two shades that I have and see how they look together. The only thing I would change is the applicator. You have to apply the paint with a brush but then again I guess it's the perfect applicator if you only use the paints to mix them with others. It isn't too sticky, yet I did find myself trying to 'unstick'  my hair from my lips.  

Other than that I think it's a good lip product and I would recommend it. It's an okay price as well 8 euro BUT I just checked the website and they are priced at 3.45 euro so go go goo!!! Here is a link : LINK

Anyway, here are some pictures of the product as well as photos of me wearing it

Are there any lip products you'd want me to test out? Leave them in the comments and I'll give them a shot! 

Much love,