Hey guys!!

I'm here with another lip post. This time I decided to try out the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm.

I don't usually use lip products from Rimmel, mainly because I don't like many of the colours that they have and because I never really got a chance to try any out. But when I was out shopping in my local pharmacy I decided to get a few swatches of the Colour Rush balms.

I loved the formula and the colours that were quite faint, but they could be built up if you want it them stand out more. They have a lovely smell to them, and they give the lips a nice shine. Also they are very moisturising which is great, especially for this weather. They are quite cheap as well, around 8 euro.

If I was asked if I recommended it to my readers, I definitely would. Here I give you a few photos.

I hope you liked the post, I will definitely do more of these lip posts!

Did you ever try these balms out? Did you like them? 

Thank you for reading! 
Much much love,