Hi darlings!!

I am back with another post showing you a new lip product! I'm thinking if this should be like a permanent post on this blog, one every week, showing you a new lip product. Not a bad idea eh?

Anyway, I present to you a lip liner from Essence! Literally my favourite lip liners ever! So pigmented and they are so easy to apply! Very soft. I especially love this red one. I looked for this particular shade of red for aages and I couldn't find it anywhere! I wanted a red that had a tiny bit of a blueish undertone, but not too much. I didn't want a purple kind of red lipstick that I already have from Isa Dora.

So of course, I would recommend this liner to my readers. I might do a giveaway with all the lip liners from the collection. But here are the pictures!

Much love,