Hey my darlings!!

As you can see in the title, I was at a 5SOS concert! I didn't know I was going until the day before!! I was super lucky to get a ticket from my friend, and oh boy... Best night in ages!
At first I was super iffy about going, I was like meehh.

I knew the band (obviously), and a few of their songs. But they have a huge fandom and I didn't think I was a part of it. I mean, I'm not the usual teenage girl with an instagram account dedicated to the band. (Not saying it's a bad thing or anything. Actually you guys are kinda great for it, I would simply be too lazy.) And when I was there waiting in line to get into the arena, I was looking around and all I was thinking about was 'I really don't fit in here.'

I wasn't dressed like the girls, nor was I looking anything like them. Wearing a shirt and a pair of light high waisted jeans, along with ballerinas I felt really under dressed. Everyone was wearing flower crowns, black jeans with holes in them. Band shirts or really tiny crop tops. I'm not being like mean about it, the girls looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and of course I was a little jealous haha. And to be honest it was a real bummer for me. Honestly? I felt ugly. BUT this isn't a bitching blog post of course! :)

After we entered the Arena it was amazing! Hey Violet were the opening act and whoa, they were so so so good, and oh my the singers were absolutely stunning! They even sang a rock version of Taylor Swifts 'Blank Space' which was like super cool. We were waiting a while for the boys to come on stage, but the wait was so worth it! The boys are so so so soo attractive when you see them right in front of you.

I believe that you can't really judge a band until you see them live. And I can happily say that 5SOS is definitely worth the hype they're getting and I do wish them well because they are AMAZING live! I would love to go to their gig again if I had the chance to. I only went because of my friend as he took me there and gave me a ticket, for which I am super super grateful for!

I will be posting a vlog up on my YouTube channel on Monday so if you want to see it go ahead to my channel then :) It's RonnieDiaries.


Hope you liked the post, even though there aren't a lot of pictures BUT the vlog is going to be a long one!

Much love,