What's in my makeup case for 2013?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eng: So, I decided I will do those posts each year. And see how it changes :P If you want to see the one from last year, it is somewhere in the history. Just like in the other post, this is not any form of bragging or anything. My views of bragging haven't changed, I still think it's childish :) This is a tag, so if you are a blogger I TAG YOU! Comment below, I'd love to take a look at them. This blog is going in the beauty way, so I have to bring it back to fashion, so this is going to be the last post about makeup for a while. I guess this is it. I hope you like this post.

Pol: Wiec postanowilam ze bede robila ten tag co rok. Popatrzec jak sie zmienia. Jesli chcecie zobaczyc ten z 2012 roku to poszukajcie w historii :P  Tak jak w ostatnim poscie, nie robie tego zeby sie 'chwalic'. Moja opinia o 'chwaleniu sie' nadal zostaje ta sama i sie nie zmieni. Uwarzam ze to dziecinne :) To jest Tag, wiec jesli jestes bloggerka, TAGUJE CIE! Napisz link w komentarzach, napewno lookne :) Jejku, ten blog brnie teraz w strone makijazu, musze go naprowadzic na poprawny tor, wiec ten post bedzie ostanim postem o makijazu na jakis czas. To chyba tyle :P Mam nadzieje ze post sie spodoba :)

Face / Twarz:
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. 
I only use it if I NEED extra coverage.
Uzywam tylko wtedy kiedy potrzebuje dodatkowego 'pokrycia' np. jakis tradzik albo cos.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse. 01. Matt Sand
Essence Pressed Powder. 00. Translucent

Natural Collection Concealer 00. Fair
Essence Concealer.

Natural Collection Bronzing Powder. 
Bronzer and Blush. Brand unknown :P 

Lips / Usta: 
Completely obsessed with lip balms now! / Totalnie uzalerzniona od balsamow do ust!
Nivea <3 
Soothe and Protect SPF 15 
Essential Care
Pearly Shine
Milk and Honey

Essence / Isa Dora / Cantare Cosmetics / Avon / 2 euro shop :P

Essence - 55 Coralise me
Isa Dora - 140 Chelsea Red

Random paint pots.
Jakies farbki do ust. :)

NYC Lip Stain 16 h - 493 Champagne Stain
Natural Collection - Barley Sugar
Avon Lip Plumper (Smells HORRIBLE/Pachnie OKROPNIE) 
Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss - (Name is gone :( )
Active Lipglass (Sample I got, has no name :/) 

Eyes / Oczy:
Natural Eye Palette - Claires 

Gift, Pretty Pink palette.

Bourjois Smoky eyes - 04 Nude Ingenu

Made myself! I had loads of random shadows flying around the place, so I decided to make a palette. All you need is eyeshadows, CD box and glue.

Zrobione przezemnie. Wszedzie lataly mi cienie wiec postanowilam zrobi palteke. Potrzebne sa tylko cienie, pudelko po plycie i troche kleju.

Mom gave this to me, no brand on it :/
Mamusia mi dala :) Nie pisze jakiej marki :/

Avon True Colour 4 shadow Palettes.
2x Smokey Eyes ( White, Pink, Gray, Black ) 
1x Mocha Latte ( Browns and nude )

Claires, same as the one aboove ^^


Loose shadows made by moi :P
Sypkie cienie zrobione przez moi :P

Eyeliners / Eyelinery:
Mabelline New York - 61 - Black
Oriflame Eye Liner Stylo - Black
Mac (fake/ Podrobka :P )
Avon GlimmerStick Diamonds - Smokey Diamond)

Maybelline New York - 01 Black
No name, random I guess
Catrice shadows. 
Purple - 070 Dark Liliac
Brown - 050 Sweet Matt
Champagne - 180 Moonstone ( All time fav)

You can see, it had its better times :) I think its from Avon. Resembles Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Widac ze ma za soba dobre czasy, chyba z Avon. Przypomina Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Old Rimell Palette
Stara paletka z Rimmel'a


Brushes / Pedzelki:
MAC? More like MACK! They are fake, but I love them. So soft. You probably wouldnt tell they were fake until I told you :) If fakes are good, what are the real ones like? :O They are good fakes though, they even got the numbers right :P

MAC? Raczej MACK! Podrobki ale sa swietne. Miekkie. Pewnie nie poznalibyscie poki wam nie powiedzialam. :) Jesli to podrobki to nie chce wiedziec jakie sa te prawdziwe? Dobre podrobki, nawet numerki sa jak w tych prawdziwych.

Face brushes :) Going in sizes
No number on the big brush.
2nd from the bottom - MAC 134 (Bronzer brush)
3rd from bottom - MAC 150 (Blush Brush)
4th from the bottom - MAC 129 (Highlight brush)
1st from bottom - MAC 116 ( I have no idea what Im doing brush)

Bottom brush - MAC 224 ( Crease brush, whosever came up with it, I love you man!)
Going up^ - MAC 227 (Eyeshadow brush I suppose? )
Up^ -MAC 209 ( Small brush, no idea what it's for )
Top- MAC 275 (I use it for my brows, so I dont know)

From the bottom - MAC 194 (Concealer brush)
Up^ - MAC 189 ( Not using it so I dont really know its use :P )
Upp!^ - MAC 190 (Foundation brush)

MAC 102 ( Comb duhh :P )
MAC 266 (  Eye liner brush, Good for a beginner like me) 

                                                                   Other / Inne:
Love those Essence nails, I hate mine so I just pop those babies on and my hand looks totally different! 
Kocham te pazury z Essence, nie lubie moich wiec przyklejam te i reka odrazu wyglada ladniej :) 

Brow shadows, dont use them :/ I am sad about that because I was so excited to use them :( And they are too dark.
Cienie do brwi, nie uzywam :/ Zasmucilam sie bo tak sie na nie cieszylam a tu okazalo sie ze za ciemne :(

Welll, I hope you liked this and see youe soon!
Mam nadzieje ze sie spodobalo, i do zobaczenia!


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