Hi there!!

I'm back with another post, and as it says in the title, there will be a lot of pictures! So less talking more pictures. I will just momentarily rant about how great the palette is and how much I love it and why. So let's get started!!

I put numbers beside each row so you can see which shadow goes with which swatch, they're all organised. So row 1 is photo directly under this one, and row 2 is under that picture and so on. 

I love these shades the most, they are what I usually wear on an every day basis. The shimmer on them is lovely too, once applied, the shadow doesn't move around your face. It doesn't set on your cheeks during application. I am very impressed with that, because I always always ALWAYS get eye shadow on my cheeks!

I never usually bought coloured eye shadows, I never really felt the need to experiment with different shades. I guess you can call me lazy cause I used earth tones and stuff, and after having this palette for a few months, I still haven't tried out different looks using different colours, so I should really do it! Maybe I'll film a video about it, you never know ;) 

And these separate shades are my favourites. I love the metallic look of them, as well as the lovely shimmer. Some of the shadows contain tiny little pieces of glitter that sparkles so beautifully in the sun!! I definitely would recommend this palette to anyone, make up artists would find it great as well I think. I don't know how much it is, as I got it from my sister and her boyfriend but as soon as I find it online I will update this post. :)

I am sorry for the amount of photos! 
I hope you liked the post, and thank you for being patient!