Just another shopping trip...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

English: Im back with a new post! I have noticed that I start every post with Hi guys or Hi everyone! :P
Anyway here are some pictures from my trip to town with my friend. Shopping, cinema and other things.
A tiny 'haul' as some call it. Total craziness. So here are the pictures.

Polski: Wrucilam z nowym postem!! Zauwarzylam ze zaczynam kazdy post hej, hejka wszystkim albo cos takiego. :P Ostatnio bylam na miescie z kolerzanka, zakupy, kino i inne sprawy :D Maly 'haul' jak niektorzy to nazywaja. No ale daje wam zdjecia.

Primark 17,00 Euro

Primark 2.00 Euro

NYC 1.00 euro

NYC 2.00 euro

Essence 1.50 euro

Essence 3.00 euro

I finally got my Rings And Tings package!! 
I love the pieces inside like aaa!!! I have the bracelet on me now and I love it. Its too cute. 
 www.ringsandtings.com <3 

Wkoncu dostalam paczke z Rings and Tings!!
Zakochalam sie w rzeczach ktore przyszly. Sa sliczne !!
www.ringsandtings.com <3 

Eye makeup.

Me and Wioletta,
Ja i Wioletta. Hejka heh.

Outfit? :P


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