What's in my makeup case for 2014?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hi there,
How are ye? I am good actually. Even though my mocks start in three weeks, I'm oddly calm. I will probably, most definitely start to panic in a few days. Time flies, really fast. I can remember being in first year like it was yesterday. I'm getting so old! My birthday is in about a month. Seventeen isn't that much, or is it? I'm going to London next month too! I'm beyond excited. I don't think I'll put my camera down, not even for a minute. I'll be there for two and a half days. I know it isn't much but I'm happy I'm going anyway! Argh! So excited haha! Anyway. If you are my reader from a while back, then you know that I am doing this post at the beginning of each year. I'm putting this out there now, I hope no one takes this post as 'bragging', this post is done just for pure fun. I love reading posts like this so why not do it myself? There is a lot of photos so, you've been warned! Haha, enjoy!

Hej wszystkim,
Co tam u was? U mnie wszystko dobrze. Probna matura za trzy tygodnie a ja jeszcze nie panikuje. Zapewne zaczne za pare dni. Czas szybko leci, i to bardzo szybko. Pamietam jak bylam na pierwszym roku jakby to bylo wczoraj, a teraz co? Piaty rok i matura? Starzeje sie! Moje urodziny sa za miesiac, 17 to nie tak duzo, prawda? Za miesiac jade do Londynu! Mega sie ciesze! Chyba nie odloze aparatu nawet na minute. Bede tam dwa i pol dnia, wiem ze to nie jest duzo ale i tak sie ciesze! Okay, jesli czytacie mojego bloga od jakiegos czasu wiecie ze robie taki post na poczatku kazdego roku. Chce powiedziec ze w tym poscie nie chodzi o 'chwalenie sie', post powstal dla zabawy. Lubie czytac takie posty, to dlaczego sama takiego nie zrobie? Uwaga bo zdjec jest naprawde duzo! Haha, mam nadzieje ze sie spodoba!

L'Oreal 'Eau de teint' foundation
Maybelline New York 'FIT ME' foundation
Maybelline New York 'Affinimat' foundation
Maybelline New York 'FIT ME' pressed powder
Rimmel London 'Clear Complexion' pressed powder

Catrice pressed eye shadow, 070 'Dark Lilac' 

Catrice pressed eye shadow 050 'Sweet Matt'

Catrice pressed eye shadow 180 'Moonstone'

Me Me Me pressed eye shadow 'Dusk' Mono 02

Random loose shadow I got from a friend

Another random loose shadow

Essence Quattro eyeshadow 05 'To die for' 

Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes 04 'nude ingenu'

Claire's cosmetics Natural Eye palette

Claire's cosmetics Natural Eye palette

Avon True Colour quad 'Smokey eyes'

Avon True Colour quad 'Mocha latte'

Benefit 'They're real!' Mascara

Essence 'Maximum Definition Volume' mascara.

Essence 'get BIG lashes' mascara

Gosh 'Mascara ALLONGEANT' lenghtening mascara

Active mascara

Maybelline New York 'Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.

Be a Bombshell eyeliner 'Onyx'

Essence clear mascara

Essence 'Eyebrow stylist set' 

HD Brows bronzer

Natural Collection 'SunTint Bronzing Pearls' 'Tropical Tan'

Dr. Lipp 'Original nipple balm for lips' (wuuut?!)
Figgs and Rouge 'Cherry Blossom' lip balm
Sleek Pout Paint in '161 Minx (Pink)' and '156 Peachy Keen (Orange)'

Active Lipgloss
Catrice 'Precision lip liner' 
Jelly Pong Pong 'Lip Blush, moisturising lip stain' 
Essence 'XXXL Shine' lipgloss '19 Nude Candy'
NYC 'Smooch Proof lip stain 16H' '493 Champagne Stain' 

Essence 'Kiss Care Love' lip balm '04 Caribbean sunrise' 
Isa Dora 'Perfect Moisture Lipstick' in 'Chelsea Red'
Essence Lipstick in 55 'Coralise me!' 
Natural Collection Lipstick in 'Rose Petal'
Nivea lipbalm 
Random lipstick from the 2euro shop

Natural Collection 'Rose Petal'

Isa Dora 'Chelsea Red'

Vaseline 'Rosy Lips'  and 'Aloe Vera'
The Color Institure lipsglosses

Random palettes
Rimmel London and PrettyPink

Rimmel London Palette

PrettyPink Palette

A DIY random eyeshadow pallete made from an old CD box
Avon 'Naturals' Palette

Kiss fake single lashes
Eylure fake lashes
Me Me Me 'Cherub's Blush'
Unica 100% Natural 'Kiss it better cream'
Kiss lash glue

Me Me Me 'Cherub's Blush'

Some random samples


Organised :) 

If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments! If you'd like me to review something you have seen here just comment below and tell me, I'll try to do the review ASAP! :)

      Jesli macie jakies pytania to piszcie w komentarzach! Jesli chcielibyscie abym napisala recezje na temat ktoregos z kosmetykow, poprostu napiszcie a ja sprobuje napisac ja jak najszybciej! :) 


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  1. Oh girl , you've lots of makeup ;) But seriously , I love your mascaras.

    1. Yeah, I should really cut down on the makeup spending haha!
      Aw thank you, they're great!
      Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment! :) x

  2. I've been meaning to try the Maybelline Gel Liner. It looks and sounds quite lovely!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. It's one of my holy grails! I would definitely recommend it! It's really worth the price! :)
      Thank you for stopping by! I hope you liked the post! xx

  3. All of these products look lovely! I have been wanting to try the loreal foundation!


    1. It's a great foundation, I would definitely recommend it! :)
      Thank you for visiting! xx


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