Any Questions?

Sunday, July 29, 2012
Eng: Hello everyone, I went off the track a bit here. This is the last 'weird' post. I promise ;)
On different blogs I have seen that the 'editors' have been asked questions about fashion.
For example 'What can match a blank,white top and simple jeans?' or 'What can I put with short black dress?'. And I thought, this is fun, I can do it here too :D It is both fun for me and it might help you with your problems... Now, you can send your questions to me on my email which is and on Wednesday I will post them here.. So.. Get writing :)

Pol: Hejka. Na niektorych blogach widzialam ze blogerki odpowiadaly na pytania od czytelniczek o modzie.
Np. Z czym moge polaczyc biala bluzke i normalne jeansy? Albo, Co moge zestawic z czarna sukienka? I pomyslalam ze moze to byc calkiem fajne, i ze tez moge zrobic cos takiego tutaj. Jest to pomoc dla was i zarazem ja mam z tego 'frajde' :P Mozecie wysylac swoje pytania ma i w Srode znajdziecie tu na nie odpowiedzi.


Another step...

Friday, July 27, 2012
Eng: Hey guys, this is a short note in which I want to tell you that I have made a page of this blog on facebook!
I was thinking about it for quite a while but now I decided to make it. We will see how it goes :D I would appreciate it if you went there and took a look..

Pol: Hej, tutaj bedzie krutka notka w ktorej chce wam powiedziec ze zrobilam Page tego bloga na Facebook'u!
Myslalam nad tym przez dluzszy czas ale dopiero teraz zdecydowalam sie go zrobic. Zobaczymy jak pojdzie :D


Vintage with a capital V...

Thursday, July 26, 2012
So, Hello,again. I am back now for good. I bet you are happy. Well I am anyway.
So the trip to Poland wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but I got to see people I haven't seen in ages and that's what made it 'Reasonable' and of course the shopping was great, but the money limit I had wasn't as great. But I think it learned me how to respect money. And that's a good thing.
I was driving by London and I fell in love. Everyone there has their own style. I saw people dressed in Harry Potter outfits and other costumes you wouldn't wear in public. I just tried to convince myself that there was a festival on, and people dressed up for it. But walking around town with a Harry Potter costume on sounds pretty awesome if you ask me ;D The thing that caught my eye was that a lot of girls wore vintage type of shirts with a collar. They put it in so much ways that I actually want to get one like that as soon as I can. It's perfect for summer I think. So, I did a little research and here is what I found :D

The collar on this blouse is studded.

I love the black ribbon under the collar.

I think these are studs, but this is beautiful, and quite cheap too.
River Island

 Love the chain and the studs.
River Island

The sequins add a little 'cuteness' to the shirt.

This is soo Miu Miu style. You can see the retro style birds on shoes,bags and shirts,skirts etc.

Here is a more 'luxury' version of what I showed you.
This is a bit too see through if you ask me but with a nude shirt it would look beautiful.

This shirt reminds me of the Chinese dolls, they usually wear those type of shirts along with big,puffy skirts and two cute pig tails. This one is see through as well, I guess it is in now.
Dolce & Gabbana.

This is it for now. It's good to be back, although I had a little writers block few days ago.
Maybe the weather is bringing me down or it's because I focused more on designing clothes and the whole idea of becoming a fashion designer. I have to stay focused now. Too much people tell me I can't do this, that it is difficult but I want to show them that if you want something you can do it! And for all of you reading this post now, believe in yourself,even if no one else does. Show them you can do it! No matter what it is.If you can imagine it in your head, you can make it come true.

                                         Thank You...
                                                 Weronica xoxo

Endless summer?? Yes please...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Eng: So here I am, sitting in my aunt's place at 23:20. I promised I will write even the smallest post whenever I get the chance to. Well, Poland is good, not great. I thought that with 1,000 zł I will do some huge, huge shopping haul. Well I didn't... Sadly... Everything is so expensive here, not like the times I remembered Poland. The only things I got are a dress, a bag, sunglasses and shoes as far as I can tell you now. Oh! And I got a Polish goalie jersey... Wanted that for quite a while. And the money went like POOF!... I will writte post with the things I got, and I will post pictures.. Ok, I have to go.. Short, short note this time.
Short and weird in a way but that's me :D I am comming back home in about four days so I will write a post as soon as I will be able to..

Pol: Wiec siedze u cioci w domu, jest 23.20. Obiecywalam pisac nawet najmniejsze posty kiedy tylko bede mogla. Wiec, wakacje w Polsce sa ok, nie tego sie spodziewalam. Myslalam ze z 1,000 zl zrobie jakies wielkie mega zakupy. No i nie zrobilam :/ Wszystko tu jest takie drogie, nie jest tak jak bylo pare lat temu. Rzeczy jakie kupilam to sukienka, torebka, okulary i buty. A no tak, i jeszcze koszulke bramkarza reprezentacji Polskiej :D Chcialam ja od tylu miesiecy! I POOF! Kasy nie ma. Jak bede mogla to zrobie posta z malym polskim haulem. Wracam do domu za cztery dni i napisze jakiegos posta najszybciej jak bede mogla.


Earth without Art would be just Eh...

Friday, July 06, 2012
So, I'm sorry I didn't write for such a long time but I was quite busy. Away packing.
This is my last post for the next two weeks, but of course I will take every chance I get to write even the smallest note. I'm leaving to Poland this Sunday, and I'm a bit nervous. Why? Because I'm going there with my sister only. No parents or anything, but it's exciting too. I will be able to show my family how independent I am. With zł (money) I will have the biggest shopping trip in my life! And I will show you guys what I got and maybe I might do some outfits of my own. I'm not promising anything though. We will see...
So the last post was about my favourite male models, this is going to be about my favourite female models.
I don't have many favourite female models, because I am mostly interested in male models. But there are few female models that I like because whichever campaign they are in, they always look beautiful.
So here they are.

Anja Rubik.
She is a model from Poland, maybe because of that she got my attention.
She is just stunning!She appeared in numerous issues of Vogue, and appears in every issue in various campaigns, in older post I wrote about a campaign for Elie Saab perfume, the model in it was Anja.
I also watched her in Poland's edition of Topmodel 'Zostan Modelka', she seemed super nice and very professional. Unfortunately for the male fans of Anja, she got married not so long ago. Sasha is also a model.
And is handsome also. So here are two of my favourite pictures of her.

Joan Smalls.
I was watching model talks on FashionTV and there was an interview with Joan,
She is beautiful! And super, super nice. Seems fun to be around. I don't know much about her because I noticed her only few days ago, but I seen her in many of the fashion shows I watched and she is just stunning on the catwalk. And also on magazine covers like Vogue or W.
She is from Puerto Rico, and she has a good heart. We need models like that, the ones that are not afraid to use their fame to do something good. This is all I can really say so here are two of her pics I like the most.


Karlie Kloss
I think she does the best job on the catwalk, when you see her facial expression you cannot look at the clothes because her face seems more interesting than the garment she is wearing. There are some people saying that she suffers from anorexia, yes she is skinny but its fashion world maybe she is just built that way. Of course I'm against anorexia.But I don't think that the world will be free from it in the near future. It's everywhere you look. Of course there are plus size models which I think is a great step towards the reputation of the fashion industry. I don't know much about Karlie, I just like to see her on catwalks, which I see her often as she is in like every show I watch. So here are the two photos.

And the last one is Miranda Kerr.
She is super pretty! And one of the bestest models ever! She is super nice and her accent is cute :P
I don't see her on catwalks often, maybe because I never seen Victoria's Secret shows.
She is in good shape, even after giving birth to a cutie of a boy she is skinny and ready to show off some lingerie on Victoria's Secret Show. Don't know much here either, I guess I like her as a model because she has a pretty face.. Shame on me, I think I will watch some interviews with her so I can see how she is like.
So here are the photos.

                                               Thank You...
                                                           Weronica xoxo

Oh! And PS. I do not own any copyrights :*