Sunday, May 20, 2012
So I decided to post a few outfits that I saw in the Internet,not mine,not yet anyway,I know I said I will post my own outfits soon,but I just haven't got enough time to do them.But I know I will do them,just not now..Over the summer.But for now I'm posting the cutest and prettiest outfits I saw,and I definitely got inspired by them..
So I'm not going to write a lot today,I'll just post the pictures....

I really like this outfit,vintage,boho and hippie mixed together..
The girl's hair is just lovely,I wish mine was like that.

This is my favourite outfit.Its girly and all,I just love it.
The jewelery goes great with the skirt and the lace corset look just beautiful.
I wouldn't mind having that in my wardrobe ;D

I love the shoes in this outfit,I am a bit of a shoe maniac,whenever I see a nice pair 
of shoes I think I have to have them,but it never works when I look at the price tag :( 
This is a loose kind of outfit,I would wear that if I was going shopping,even in those shoes.

Another lace outfit.I think I'm a big fan of lace now.
And I think lace should be in for summer.If its not,well I will set a new trend ;)
I have a similar necklace only mine has a small gem hanging from the letter O.
High waisted pants are also nice.I'm not even sure these are shorts,could be a skirt actually.
I like this one.

I'm a blazer kind of girl,even though there is only two in my wardrobe,but still.
I always admired the way Demi Lovato dressed. The outfit is really nice,light jeans,white shirt and an indigo 
blazer,looks nice together.I would totally wear that.

I know this is not an outfit,well it is in a way but..
I fell in love with this swimsuit!! The minute I saw it I was like Wow!!!
Its beautiful!!!

Another favourite..
I love big sweaters,great for summer..And another lace.
Floral patterns seem to be in for summer..
I think this is very girly,and I would wear this if I could..

Pastel colours. I like this one,its quite girly.
A big sweater thing again,simple white t-shirt and denim shorts.
I can feel summer getting closer when I look at these.

I like to dress in black from time to time,this is great outfit.
Punk,Rock type of outfit..A lot of jewellery,random rings and a leather jacket..
Unfortunately I don't own a leather jacket :( I think I should do some shopping soon.
Anyway I love this one!

Another pastel.Another floral and another light jeans.
This is very pretty but the top is too short,but this is in now,like the Emilio Pucci outfit Miley Cyrus 
wore on The Hunger Games premiere.
And I love this blazer :D

I actually love this one,and I know,I noticed I wrote I love or I like this one on nearly every outfit,
but I post things I like so I must either love them or like them. The purse here is pretty.
And of course the blazer,this blazer...I must have one like this..

Half of an outfit really.I put this up because of the jacket.
Love it,love it,love it! 
All I can say.

I love the blazer in this one so I posted it here.
Mixture of my favourite colours.Black,Red and White.
I like this.

I love these type of shoes,Block heel I think they're called.
Shorts,high top,rosary beads and a Moschino belt.
Brownish colours,I think a person with brown hair should wear this outfit.Perhaps me? :P 

The gem top is pretty,and I like the bag.The shorts are just shorts.

The block heel shoes again.I will buy one of those one day.Just not now,they are very! high.
And my mom says I would kill myself when walking in these. The necklace can be bought in Forever 21 as far as I'm concerned,owls were in few months ago though.
But as I said before 'Fashion likes to repeat itself'.

All I can say about this one is that I really like it,its simple and pretty.

Baseball jackets,the favourite piece of clothing for teens for the last few months.
Red and white is a great combination,Looks sporty but girly at the same time.

This is a quick note,
Thank You...
Weronica xoxo...

I do not own any copyrights for these photos :)

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
You probably might not know,but Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer.
Well,he was.I think fashion world lost a great designer.Sarah Burton has replaced Alexander.
She is best known for her design of Kate Middleton's wedding gown.
So now,she designed the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.
I really like this collection.It is not the usual Alexander McQueen Collection,but it's still great.
The main colours are red,white and black,classy,sophisticated colours.
Floral designs are also seen on some of the dresses.The thing that caught my eye were the silver,bow-like belts.
It seems that the collection was based on bows,as there are bows seen on nearly every outfit.
Big puffy sleeves are also in the McQueen vibe.So here are the photos of the clothes.

Love This!

And this is my favourite..

Favourite :D

Another Favourite...

 Ah,,It takes hours to set up the pictures the way you want them to be...
Ok,this is a quick note again...I will write more normal notes soon....Summer is near,I will post outfits up everyday,my own of course...So the blog is going to be active as never before...
 I can't wait actually,,But there are 6 weeks left...For me,I have my Junior Cert...
Ok,that's it for today..
                                                 Thank You...

I do not own any copyrights for these photos :)