Keeping Up,Vogue, April 2012.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Eng: So as I promised I will write about the last two issues of Vogue for April and May 2012.
Firstly the April 2012 issue.
On the cover was Sienna Miller,there she is wearing Stella McCartney dress,simple look but very nice.
I was a bit disappointed though,there was many campaigns that already appeared in the March issue.
There was many perfume samples which I love,fragrances like Miss Dior, a small envelope was attached to the page inside it was a piece of pretty paper which smells like the perfume..I still have the piece of paper on my vanity desk,and surprisingly the fragrance stayed on and still smells quite strong..But its a good thing..
There also was Roberto Cavalli fragrance,smells nice but not really my type..
Lily by Stella McCartney,smells lovely and if I could I would get it..And Candy by Prada,the scent is a bit too sweet for me its like mixing caramel with other sweets,but its good I suppose...The photo shoots were also amazing,I love the circus theme into two shoots,looks cute..
So here are the campaigns I liked the most:

Pol: Wiec jak obiecalam napisze o dwoch wydaniach Vogue, Kwiecien i Maj 2012.
Najpierw Kwiecien 2012.
Na okladce jest Sienna Miller, na sobie ma suknie od Stella McCartney, prosto ale bardzo ladnie. 
Bylam troche zawiedzona, mnostwo kampani bylo tez w wydaniu Marzec 2012. 
Bylo tez mnostwo probek perfum ktore kocham. Miss Dior Cherie, mala koperta przyklejona do strony, a w srodku byla piekna karteczka pachnaca wlasnie Miss Dior Cherie. Nadal mam ta karteczke i do tej pory pachnie. Byl tez zapach od Roberto Cavalli, pachnie ladnie ale ja bym takiego nie wybrala. Lily od Stelli McCartney, pachnie pieknie i swierzo, napewno bym kupila. I Candy of Prady, troche za slodko, mieszanina karmelu i kazdego typu slodzyczy pod sloncem. Sesje zdjeciowe byly swietne, podobalo mi sie wmieszanie tematy cyrku. Tutaj daje kampanie ktore podobaly mi sie najbardziej.
Sienna Miller.

Maje Spring/Summer 2012.
The first thing I noticed were the colours,and of course the white horse...
I think the model really suits this campaign,the clothes suit her,it seems like they were made just for her..
One word.. Pretty :D
Maje S/S 2012.
Pierwsza rzecz ktora rzucila sie w oczy byly kolory i oczywiscie bialy kon..
Mysle ze modelka pasuje do kampanii, nie przycmiewa ciuchu, w tym przypadku pieknego 'garnituru'
Jedno slowo.. Ladnie

Chanel 2012.
This is one of the two photographs in the issue,but I couldn't find the second one anywhere,and my photocopier kind of broke,it's quite irritating that things u need really bad break..Hmm...Anyway the second photograph shows a model wearing this kind of swimming mask and is holding dozens of pearl necklaces.
The black and white is real nice and i think helps you focus on the coats,necklaces and purses.
Chanel 2012.
To jest jedno z dwoch fotografii z wydania, niestety nie moglam znalesc tej najpiekniejszej. Druga fotografia przedstawia modelke w jakims typie maski do plywania, raczej helmie. W rekach trzymala miliony lancuszkow z perel. Czern i biel oddaje poprostu charakter Chanel. I sadze ze pomaga skupic sie na ciuchach.

 Mulberry 2012.
Colours,colours,colours..I love them! Clothes are as usual beautiful,and the shoes are crazy in a good way...
Nothing really more I can say about this campaign to be honest..It's just cute :P
Mulberry 2012.
Kolory, kolory, kolory!! Kocham! Ciuchy jak zwykle piekne a buty sa szalone w dobry sposob. 
Nic nie moge tak naprawde powiedziec. Jest poprostu slodka.

 Ugg Australia 2012.
I always liked the Ugg campaigns,they are colourful. Always have great backgrounds and models look great in the clothes but the shoes mostly... Not much to say,maybe one word.. Perfect..
Ugg Australia 2012.
Zawsze podobaly mi sie kampanie Ugg, sa mega kolorowe. Zawsze maja swietne tla, modelki zawsze wygladaja swietnie. Nie moge duzo powiedziec moze tylko jedno slowo. Perfekcja!

There is not much campaigns I posted today,but as I said much of them were in the last issue.
The May issue I will write about it tomorrow...As this post would be too long...
Thank You..
Nie ma duzo kampani, ale jak mowilam zaczynaja sie powtarzac. 
O Maju napisze jutro, bu sadze ze post byl by za dlugi.

I do not own any copyrights for the photos :)

Promise :D

Sunday, April 29, 2012
Eng: Wow, I haven't written for like a month now.. This was the most mind wrecking week..Month even...
It's hard to find balance between school,blog,family and friends,but having a blog needs time,loads of it.
Sometimes it's hard,very hard.But I don't mind really...Success needs commitment right? :D
The amount of deadlines to give up Junior Cert projects was and still is overwhelming...
And with the Junior Cert being only 5 weeks away,and studying.... Freaking out actually..
The blog is around for almost 2 months, I didn't think it will be around for that long,but I enjoy writing
and sometimes when I start it seems like I don't want to stop because suddenly I have so much to say..
The point of this post is that I will still write this blog... I'm sorry I kept you waiting for me to finally write something, but I'm back now and I will write everyday or every 2 days...
I didn't write about the last Vogue issues so tomorrow I will keep up with that...
Thank you.

Pol: Wow, nie pisalam juz od dluzszego czasu, moze miesiac. To byl najgorszy tydzien, pff.. Miesiac.
Trudno jest pogodzic szkole, bloga, rodzine i znajomych, ale prowadzenie blog zajmuje duzo czasu.
Czasem jest ciezko, nawet bardzo ale sie tym zbytnio nie przejmuje. Sukces potrzebuje poswiecen prawda?
Mam tyle terminow na oddanie projektow na Junior Certa ze trudno nadazyc. Junior Cert jest juz za 5 tygodni, jak o tym mysle to doslownie dostaje ataku paniki. Ten blog ma prawie 2 miesiace i tak naprawde nie sadzilam ze bede prowadzila go tak dlugo.  Ale lubie pisac a jak zaczne to nagle mam tyle do napisania ze nie chce konczyc. O co chodzi w tym poscie to to ze nadal bede prowadzila tego bloga i przepraszam ze tak dlugo musicie czekac na nowe posty ale teraz wrucilam i powinnam pisac 3 razy na tydzien. Nie napisalam o ostatnim Vogue ale zrobie to jutro.


Happy Easter!!

Friday, April 06, 2012
Eng: Happy Easter everyone!!

I found these Easter eggs Vivienne Westwood created along with Fortnum & Mason.
I think these are really cute but don't really show Vivienne's style like her clothes do.

I would expect vivid colours and creative accents on the packages, but she kept them simple and quite plain by putting the chocolate egg in a coloured wrap and put a ribbon over it. But I still like them.
The colours that were used were silvers,reds,pinks,purples,yellows,blues and browns.
On the packages I like the flower, lace-like patterns. I think the whole lot looks quite adorable.

The chocolates themselves look very pretty. Fairies and animals, if I received them I would feel too bad to even eat them...There are some pink chocolates,and some layered chocolate eggs.
But unfortunately these cost quite a lot of money. After all, it is Vivienne Westwood...

The Easter eggs cost 90,00 pounds, and the separate chocolates cost 37,50.
So here are the pictures.

So once again Happy Easter.
I hope you liked this post, I have so much to write about I should be able to write everyday,
but from Monday on, because I want to spend the holidays with my family and friends.
Thank You...