Yes, I was doing makeup on a film set!

I was contacted by the makers of it, and told that they really liked my work and they would like to work with me if I was interested. Um, duh! Having my work seen on the big screen and have my name in the credits?! Are you kidding me?! Of course I'd be interested!

I got my copy of the script the very next day, along with some of the headshots of the actors, and I was given a free hand with how I wanted the actors to look! So that included normal corrective, camera friendly makeup as well as some Special Effects Makeup that was a fight wound, a gunshot wound and some ageing.

I was doing my research and preparing for it on the train when I was on my way to college, and let me tell you. The few weeks I worked on this film, I had to be up at 6 am, travel to Dublin, be on set for 9am and be back home at around 10pm. Madness!
It was an amazing experience though, everyone was so lovely! I will never forget the first day of shooting and me getting on the set with my big little yellow suitcase full of makeup. It was a small pub in the middle of Dublin. I met the entire crew there as well as the actors.

The actors were lovely! The stories of their careers were so interesting and I loved listening to them talk about the thing they love. Some really sacrificed a lot to be able to do acting. One of the actors, Gary, was so cool! We are both the all around the place people and have the same sense of humor so the weeks were filled with lots of jokes and messing around when we could.
I loved the progress of the makeup, I got to get my creativity flow and I think it looked great.
I didn't see it yet, the editing didn't start yet I don't think, but I'm sure when it's out it'll make me shed a proud tear ;)

The locations were awesome too, one day we were in the City Centre, and the next we were at a cold cold beach in Raheny. Really though, I loved every second of it.

The talent of the actors blew me away completely! Some of them worked on set of Game of Thrones, Vikings etc. I was awestruck when I watched them act out scene after scene, over and over again til they were happy with the outcome.
I got the photos off Gary, hope he doesn't mind! Here, I'll give him credit, you should definitely follow him! Find him on Instagram @garytbyrne1971


My work wasn't passed unnoticed and I got to work on another set! But I'll keep that for a different post! ;)

That's all for now huns, I will be back very soon.

W x