1. I know 3 languages. 

Polish, English and French. I think it's a pretty cool combination of languages. I absolutely love speaking French.

2. I have a degree in Social Studies and Psychology.

Yes. Call me dr Weronika Remijasz. 
Jokes, jokes.. Maybe when I'm 30+. 

3. I went to University 6 months after my 17th birthday.

Very scary experience. I'm not even sure if it was fully legal for me to move out to a completely different part of the country at age 17. Me in big Galway, aged 17 trying to find my way around NUIG. It was a great experience anyway. Kinda sucked I couldn't go out for what seemed like the longest time ever. 
No, none of my friends looked like me. I couldn't use their ID's lol. 

Please excuse the horrid duck faces. I don't even know what happened.. 
4. I have an extremely emotional reactions to sloths. 

I do cry when I see photos of sloths. My boyfriend found it amusing until I got him addicted to sloths myself. I mean aren't they just adorable?! 


And no, I am not saying this because apparently it's cool to say you love sloths nowadays. I was crazy about those things ages ago. 

I was like the sloth hipster. 

5. I designed a school crest of my primary school while I was attending it. 

Yep, and I got a huge box of crayons as a prize for it. And the kids still have that crest on their school uniforms. I find it great. Super proud. 

6. I come from a family of cooks, yet I'm a horrible cook.

7. My 10 favourite songs of all time are 

Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode/ Anberlin

Until we bleed, Lykke Li

You, Keaton Henson

Firestone, Kygo

Conrad, Ben Howard 

Wait, M83

Salvation, Gabrielle Aplin

Look after you, The Fray

Explosions, Ellie Goulding

Walking Blind, Aidan Hawken

8. When I was little I used to have the same nightmare over and over again for a few years. 

It was of me as a baby in my cot. And this tall woman, with a black bob, nasty dark eyes and a smirk on her face, was leaning over me staring at me. it was truly scary. 

9. I already know what I'll look like on my wedding day.

Before you call me crazy, and my boyfriend gives out to me for hinting at him, doesn't every girl have this stuff planned? 
I have three dresses I can pick from, but I'm in love with all three. We will see some day I guess!

This exact dress but in white. Would be so stunning!

10. I have never dyed my hair. 

I wanted to dye it white for the summer and go to every color of the rainbow for the summer then go back to brown. I still am trying to convince myself to do it!

So what are the 10 facts about you?

Much love,