10 Facts about Me

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

1. I know 3 languages. 

Polish, English and French. I think it's a pretty cool combination of languages. I absolutely love speaking French.

2. I have a degree in Social Studies and Psychology.

Yes. Call me dr Weronika Remijasz. 
Jokes, jokes.. Maybe when I'm 30+. 

3. I went to University 6 months after my 17th birthday.

Very scary experience. I'm not even sure if it was fully legal for me to move out to a completely different part of the country at age 17. Me in big Galway, aged 17 trying to find my way around NUIG. It was a great experience anyway. Kinda sucked I couldn't go out for what seemed like the longest time ever. 
No, none of my friends looked like me. I couldn't use their ID's lol. 

Please excuse the horrid duck faces. I don't even know what happened.. 
4. I have an extremely emotional reactions to sloths. 

I do cry when I see photos of sloths. My boyfriend found it amusing until I got him addicted to sloths myself. I mean aren't they just adorable?! 


And no, I am not saying this because apparently it's cool to say you love sloths nowadays. I was crazy about those things ages ago. 

I was like the sloth hipster. 

5. I designed a school crest of my primary school while I was attending it. 

Yep, and I got a huge box of crayons as a prize for it. And the kids still have that crest on their school uniforms. I find it great. Super proud. 

6. I come from a family of cooks, yet I'm a horrible cook.

7. My 10 favourite songs of all time are 

Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode/ Anberlin

Until we bleed, Lykke Li

You, Keaton Henson

Firestone, Kygo

Conrad, Ben Howard 

Wait, M83

Salvation, Gabrielle Aplin

Look after you, The Fray

Explosions, Ellie Goulding

Walking Blind, Aidan Hawken

8. When I was little I used to have the same nightmare over and over again for a few years. 

It was of me as a baby in my cot. And this tall woman, with a black bob, nasty dark eyes and a smirk on her face, was leaning over me staring at me. it was truly scary. 

9. I already know what I'll look like on my wedding day.

Before you call me crazy, and my boyfriend gives out to me for hinting at him, doesn't every girl have this stuff planned? 
I have three dresses I can pick from, but I'm in love with all three. We will see some day I guess!

This exact dress but in white. Would be so stunning!

10. I have never dyed my hair. 

I wanted to dye it white for the summer and go to every color of the rainbow for the summer then go back to brown. I still am trying to convince myself to do it!

So what are the 10 facts about you?

Much love,

A - Z of Make Up (A to E)

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Much love, 

30 blog post ideas for when Writers Block gets you..

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Because who doesn't suffer from a little writers block from time to time. 

In today's post I will give you a few posts that you can write when writers block has gotten into you. I know I get those usually when I come back after a while of not posting. I will give you three categories about which you can write about, depending on your blogs theme.


1. Everyone likes a good review. I know that my blog has the most views on review posts. Review the latest makeup product you've gotten, whether it's a positive review, or a negative. Everyone loves honesty. 

2. Do a haul post. I personally love to look at haul posts. I love to see what people got and stuff like that. Haul posts are very popular!

3. Do a my Top 10 products post. Whether it's your Top 10 Foundations, Skincare products or Nail polishes. It doesn't matter. Write about them, giving a review, and a few more words about them. 

4. Face of the Day posts. You can photograph your makeup of the day and post it. Mention the products used and if you're feeling extra inspired, perhaps write how you achieved that look, step by step.

5. Write about products you regret buying. Write why you didn't like them and what you didn't like about that particular product or products. Don't be afraid to give your own opinion!

6. Do a Subscription box post, like Glossybox or Birchbox. I used to do these when I was subscribed to Glossybox, but then I became a broke student and had to unsubscribe. If you think about it, you get three things out of this. You get the excitement of opening a mystery box, you get to write a post on the box and what you got in it, and you can do a review on each product in time. This gives you 7 posts! And expands your makeup collection!

7. Write about your skincare routine. Everyone out there wants and dreams of clear skin. If you're blessed, or on the way to being blessed with the perfect skin, write about how you got there! What products you used or your tips and tricks.   

8. Do a makeup wishlist. Are there any products you'd love to have in your collection? Write about it. Perhaps if you're unsure about something. a comment may pop up saying a bit about that item. 

9. Have many makeup products from the same brand? Do a brand focus. For example I have many things from Bourjois, I can do a post about the brand Bourjois. Tell your readers if you like it? What the product and packaging quality is like. There are many things you can write about a brand. Perhaps you find a discount code for them to share with your readers? They'll love you, because who doesn't love people that help us save money?! 

10. Write about your daily makeup routine. Is there anything you do the same every time you do it? Maybe it's your eyebrow or foundation routine? Write about it, stating the products you use and how you use them. 


1. Collection of your outfits during the week. Do a long post sharing photo's of the outfits you wore during the week. Stating where your clothes are from, and sharing cool photographs, cause who doesn't like nice photos on a blog.

2. Write about fashion for different age groups. I remember my moms friend asked me once what clothes I'd recommend for a woman over 30. I thought it would be a nice post to write. I never did it but I think I will soon, if I haven't already (pre-written post). I think a lot of more mature women would want to see posts like this. Fashion has no age limit.

3. Pick one item and style it with different outfits. For example 'How to style a bowler hat'.

4. Write about your fashion inspirations. If it's a celebrity, or the work of a fashion designer. Let your readers know. I always love to see where a person got their style inspiration from!

5. Write a review for the latest fashion show. I like looking at Vogue and looking through the newest fashion shows and then reviewing it on here. I have a good few posts like that on RonnieDiaries. This post is perfect for all you fashionistas!

6. Play the prediction game. Looking at people on the street or at the runway looks, try to predict what the next trends will be. Ask your readers what their predictions are. This is a great topic to talk about with your readers.

7. Write about your favourite Fashion bloggers. It helps them grow as well as you. It's a great way of getting exposure for bloggers.

8. Write about fashion no-no's. What are the things you just cant bear to see in fashion? Just be careful not to be too judgemental, people are free to wear and like whatever they want!

9. Yay or Nay of the latest celebrity event. Let's be honest, isn't it cool to be your own fashion police for a bit? Plus, posts about celebrities are always searched for.

10. Create your fashion wishlist. Either it's a Burberry Trench Coat (it is for me), or a lovely Zac Posen gown (also me), tell your readers what you'd love to find in your wardrobe. Perhaps they will comment links of similar items that you can buy cheaper, online!


1. Your favourite healthy snacks. Everyone is on the search for healthy snackes, whether they are apples with peanut butter or oatmeal cupcakes, share it! Share a step by step guide on how to make them and what ingredients to use.

2. Your morning and night routine. What do you do first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening? Answering emails? Brushing your teeth or making a nice breakfast? Write about it! I personally love seeing posts like this.

3. Do a room tour. If you're comfortable with it, share the look and decor of your little personal space. Show what's where and what is used for what. I love looking for inspiration in posts like that.

4. Share a recipe. Is there anything that you make that your friends and family absolutely love and compliment every time you cook or bake? Tell us about it! Name the ingredients and the instructions on how to make it!

5. If you work out, show your exercises and gym gear! Millions of people diet every year. And most look for inspiration online. If your method works for you, then share it! Perhaps it would work for others too!

6. Write a letter to your future self, or a letter to your teenage self. I love reading those. I'm actually in the process of writing one myself!

7. If you're following a diet, show what you ate during the week. Again the whole diet thing. Share your foods. Many people think that food is bland and boring when on a diet. Show them it's not always the case!

8. Write about something that's personal, if you're okay with sharing it. If you want to join the group of people which want to help others by sharing their personal experiences with for example self harm, low self esteem, or eating disorders then talk about it. Posts like these help many people, we mightn't even know it, but your post could potentially help change someone's life for better!

9. Rant about something you seen online and it annoyed you. I ranted about Guru gossip or the Eating disorder promotion by Urban Outfitters ( I believe that was the brand). If you feel strongly about something, share your opinion on the issue! Don't be afraid to speak up.

10. Do a Q&A post. Ask your followers to ask you questions, or if you get asked a paticular question all the time answer it! It's just as fun answering questions as it is reading the replies!

Hope your writers block goes asap!
Comment links if you followed any of these ideas! I'd love to read them!

Much love,