No cakiness. (Hopefully)

So, your girl needed to buy some foundation, so she went to Boots and went a little crazy. 
Because what sane person needs that much foundation, concealer and powder at once? 

Yeah.. Exactly. 

I wanted to repurchase my beloved Bourjois face products, but also try something new. I never tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix powder, so I guess that was new too. With the Bourjois I got some Revlon goodies. 

When I started building my freelance case I was doing days and days of research on foundation and seen how much hype the Revlon foundations were getting, so I decided to try it on myself before getting it for my clients. Since the loved by everyone ColorStay foundation was sold out in my shade, I decided to go for the PhotoReady foundation. I'm trying to get back into making YouTube content and I thought OHH PHOTOREADY EH?

I haven't tried any of these just yet, they ar ejust bought. Swatching the product on my hand was the closest I've gotten to trying it out. 
But trust me girl, my hand looked a killer in my selfies after I tried it out! 

I hope that the powder is as good as the foundation and the concealer. I absolutely LOVE the concealer! 

I will do a review on each of these separately so keep an eye out! 

PS. As I was taking these photos, I've realised that I grabbed the wrong shade of the Bourjois Foundation. Ahh booger...

Thanks Buckley Photography (Click here to check out his amazing work!)

Much love,