Because I've been gone for so long, I think that there is not better way to explain why I was gone other than with an Instagram photo post! If you don't follow me, my IG - RonnieDiaries, my snapchat is also RonnieDiaries. Just in case you wondered. You should totally add me on either! I'd love to meet and talk to you guys! 

Without further ado..

Just some FOTD photos, 
Foundations - 123 Perfect, Bourjois
Bronzer - Hoola, Benefit
Powder - Matte Maker, Maybelline
Highlighter - Cinderella, Essence
Eyebrow shadow - Some random brown eye shadow I had
Lipstick - Baby Lips Clear, Maybelline
Eyeshadows - Inglot
Eyeliner - Super Liner, L'Oreal
Lashes - Ebay lashes!
Photos taken at nights out with friends!

Some makeup looks I've done. Plus, I've learnt to work my glasses haha! 
I did my college work placement at the Mayo Recovery College, I absolutely loved the experience and I was so so so sad to leave!
My adorable dog
I changed the look of my blog a bit, I am very very happy with it.

     Valentines Day dinner! 
My lovely fake nails, back when I've still worn them
And a selfie with my love.
Isn't it so cute when your boyfriend offers to do your nails for you? I have to say, he did a great job. Should do it more often to be honest. 
And My lovely flowers which I got from James.
My beloved Zoeva brushes I've gotten for Christmas. I might actually do a review post on them. I've had them for long enough to do a review on them. 


One of the things that I'll miss about my apartment is the mirror in the bathroom. Oh my.. 

Lovely oatmeal and yoghurt cupcakes I've made, they were so so so yum.
My class and I went to a celebration dinner after our last exam. This was the starter....
Not so healthy Ceasar Salad I've made with my best friend.. Was llovely!
   My camera setup for making Youtube videos
Me back in 2014 doing my friends makeup. Just shows that makeup and I were meant to be ha!
Still in love with these 2.00 euro lashes I've gotten from eBay! They look better than Ardell I think. 

 Family and friends <3 

That is it for now. 
I am back with regular posts now, as I don't have to worry about college anymore! 

Much love,