So Spring is somewhat finally here, therefore I guess it's time to get those Spring clothes out!

I was thinking about completely changing my Spring wardrobe and I went through the interwebs to find some inspiration.

As I was looking I kind of thought it would be quite cool to post a few outfit posts here, like my own outfit posts. Cause y'know.. This IS a fashion blog after all.
I will just have to talk to my boyfriend regarding the photos, cause selfies just won't do it, sadly, I've gotten quite good at those lately actually lol..

Anyway, I think that this Spring I will find myself wearing lots of plaid shirts, jean jackets, crop tops, tights, knee high socks and my beloved litas. Few cardigans and some sassy tops. And don't forget.. FLORALS.

I've been wearing too much black over the fall and winter last year, and now I want to show off my young, bubbly side, I am just 19..
And the only thing I will find myself wearing black for is work and my course. Hopefully.. I will probably find myself gravitating towards black and grey out of habit, and if any of my friends are reading this then please kick me if I start wearing black everyday!

Anyway, let's get into the inspo..

I absolutely love this outfit! If anyone knows where I could find this sweater PLEASE TELL ME IM BEGGING YOU!

Anyone get inspired?
Okay, that's just me then! 

Hope you found some of these somewhat inspiring ;)

Much love,