Hello my darlings!!

I promised I'll be back. So here I am.

I am never leaving my blog for such a long time ever again. It's like torturous or something.
I felt horrible for not posting and I'm super excited to start taking photos again, and writing, and getting your feedback.
And as you probably can tell I changed the look of my blog too! I was working on it for two days, and it might not be like the most pro piece of work you've ever seen, but I'm quite proud of it cause I'm like the worst person when it comes to technology and stuff like that..


Where was I over the past few months and what was I doing?
I shall show you through photographs..


Still studying. Making friends. Everything was pretty normal really. There were ups and downs.

Highlight of the month was definitely the Halloween party my friend and I organised. And although I don't remember much from it (oops), I know it was one of the best nights of my life! The decorations, and people, atmosphere were AMAZING and honestly I can't wait til we organize another party like that!

I was dressed as French Maid and I loved my costume oh my! And although I was absolutely freezing, I loved the tutu, hold ups and super high heels.
Sadly, I didn't have enough time to take photographs, I will post the only photos that I have from that night here ;

As you can see, the costume was quite revealing. But I didn't seem to care at the time. I totally regret it when I was going back home the next day! I was looking for it like crazy. I remember I got the costume two days before Halloween. It was crazy!

The next photo, I had to save for the end. I believe that I made the perfect pancake. Doesn't it just look hella majestic? Like a planet or something!!
Yes. I am getting excited because of a pancake. Don't tell me you never seen a beautiful pancake and was completely in love with it, cause we all know that's a lie..



I attended my sisters Graduation.
And Patsy, I am sorry for this horrible photo but it's the only one that I have!! And it kinda describes our relationship so well haha.
Graduations are a boring, boring thing. And I hope that other than mine I wont have to attend any other ceremony. I mean it's cool seeing people ending a chapter of their life and starting another, but come on.. It doesn't have to take three hours right?
Nothing else happened in November to be honest. It was not a great month for me. But that's done and gone and I'm not going back, nor will I even think about it. December though.. Oh my.. That was one amazing month.


I managed to get a guy to like me, which was nice. He's the greatest guy ever and I hope he wont get bored of me any time soon lol. Then, my friends and I decided to go to Galway for the Christmas markets and a good night out. We stayed at the Menlo Park Hotel, which was an amazing place, and again, one of the best nights of my life. I do feel sorry though for whoever had to clean my friends room as we brought the party back to her and her boyfriends room. I wish I took more photos, but I forgot my camera! It was really beautiful. The Christmas Market was adorable and I really enjoyed myself, but then everyone was like LET'S GO ICE SKATING. Two words..

Never. Again.

I'd say that by the murderous look on my face it was easy to tell that I was not having fun. I can honestly say that falling over was more fun than actually attempting to skate. I left after a while, I was really not feeling it. So I was watching my friends fall and took some photos. Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the night out in town. I really loved it and hopefully we can do something like this again before we all go our separate ways later this year. 

One of the coolest people I've met! Henning came over to Ireland for a few months to work, and he lived in the same student accommodation as my best friend! He was really amazing, but sadly he had to go back to Germany! Going Galway was his last trip with us and saying goodbye was definitely hard! I hope to see him soon! We used to have extremely mature conversations even if we were under the influence of German beer which was never running low in his apartment! 


I know, I know.. My dress is like halfway down my boobs.. But hey, at least everything else is on point??

New Years Eve!

It was definitely something! My best friend and I decided to go to this fancy fancy NYE Ball in this fancy fancy hotel. I had a good time. There was loads of food, drink and funny elderly people.
Music was okay I guess, but after 12 my boyfriend and I decided to go to the local nightclub, sadly it was full so we ended up in some pub I've never been in.
Felt super out of place haha, me in my long dress.
I got to meet my boyfriends friends, and they turned out to be really cool.

I cant wait to be posting again! I'll try to go back to posting every day.

Thank you for the patience, really. I really did not expect anyone to visit my blog when I was gone, but it was so nice to see that my blog still had many views.

But yeah, thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post!!

Much much love,