If you follow my blog for a while now, then you know that Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer of all time.
During my own phase in which I started my own designs, his were a major inspiration for me.

It is terrible that he's gone so soon, he was a genius, and he could have designed many more amazing things that would definitely cause some chaos in the fashion world, for example the Armadillo boots that he designed years and years back.

But now, the new creative director Sarah Burton is doing a pretty good job, I definitely think Alexander would be so proud.
Especially when looking at this new collection.

When I seen it.. Oh my!

So the collection is designed in a Heroin Chic style. The models look tired, worn out, and I'd hate to say it but they look like the stereotypical drug addicts.

The collection is beautiful yet dark. The clothes are kept in the darker tones, mainly black, white and grey. The models look almost vampirelike, wearing the XIX century literature inspired pieces.

The suits feature butterfly and moth prints which apparently were inspired by the ones in the notes of Charles Darwin, when he was writing of his theories. Other than the butterflies and moths, we see snake patterns as well as skulls.
Flowers also make an appearance in the collection. Those are dead looking, which I suppose go well with the whole 'dark' theme. It is quite unusual to see flower patters in menswear, but these are not feminine.

I personally would love to see men wearing pieces from this collection, it's probably one of my favourites now. And I definitely would love to see Harry Styles wearing a suit or two from here ;) !

I also sense a hint of Michael Jackson in the cut of the jackets. Back in his 'Thriller' days, he wore the broad shouldered, padded leather jackets. And we can see a few similar ones in here.

So, less talking, more looking.


So what do you guys think of the collection??

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