I do realize that I was gone for what seems like over a month. And trust me, I've got a good excuse this time I swear! 

I moved to a different town, into my own apartment, a new school. 

It took me a while to get used to it, make new friends and stuff. But I managed to do it, and everything is fine now. I also had to buy a new laptop! Harold (my old laptop) has died on me, so everything that I had on it was kinda gone. 

BUT, I am back now! 

I have a few posts lined up, as well as few videos. So I should be back to uploading a new blog post every day, and one or two videos a week. Maybe one video every weekend since the wi-fi at my apartment is very very sh#$ and it has a monthly limit and if I decided to upload a video there I'd waste my entire limit for just that so I'm not sure yet. I'll think of something and keep you guys updated! 

So yeah, here's a quick update, I'm getting into writing up some blog posts for the next few days so yeah. Have a good day guys, I hope you're happy I'm back! ;)

Much love,