Hello my darlings!! 

Don't you have this celebrity that you think dresses like a complete goddess, and you'd dress exactly like him or her but you'd have to rob a bank to do that? Well, I have eight of those. 

I mean, I do try to base my style off them, wearing similar items but adding a bit of 'me' into each outfit. I don't want to be a copy, I want to be me, but more fashionable. So now, I'll show you and talk about each celebrity that I admire. For each collage I chose photos of my favourite outfits worn by them. 

Does this post make sense? I hope it does. 
If it doesn't, then I'm sorry. It's late and I ate too much Chinese food, so I feel sleepy!


She is so chill with her outfits!! 
I'm absolutely in love with the way she paired the joggers with a leather jacket! I will definitely try that, I just need a new leather jacket since my old one got too big on me! I also can't wait to wear beanies again! The weather is getting shittier every day and it's making me smile. I'm crazy, I know. But I just miss beanies. Now that I'm looking at Cara in her leather jacket I feel like I need one asap! I also love her simple white t's. Girl. Why you so perfect?


Boy, oh boy. 
I absolutely ADORE Demi. She is beautiful, and sexy and just amazing. I base my style off her since I was like 13! Our body types are in a way similar, curvy. I love her casual outfits and I honestly can't praise her style enough. She puts things you wouldn't really think to put together and she absolutely rocks it! She's not afraid to show off her amazing curves and it's great! Again, my love for leather jackets and plaid shirts is here. Demi's style is just so perfect. Can I just have her wardrobe? Oh, and her pairing heels with any outfit is just <3 and you know me, I do love me some heels. I'd honestly wear them every day if I could, and NO, it's not cause I'm short. 
Okay, maybe that but still. They make my butt look good okay?


Oh Kim, my queen. 
I just adore any outfit she wears, I want it in my life and... Why so perfect woman?! 
The Balmain blazers... DREAM! And if someone knows where I can get that dress from the third photo, I'll love you forever! I'm super in love with it! Again, Kim and I share the love for heels. I once recreated the second look and went to my lectures, I felt so glam, oh my. I'd love to get the torn jeans, they look so awesome, but I don't think they would be great for this weather. I sometimes even base my hairdo's from Kim, and my friends always compliment my hair then. There's just something about Kim. Love her!


She does dress for her age, but puts a bit of sexy and an edge into it. Again, heels, heels, heels! I like the whole skinny jeans and a loose top thing. And the bags. I swear the girl owns the nicest handbags ever! AND HAVE YOU SEEN HER SHOE CLOSET? Oh my.. I love the first outfit, simple light wash jeans and a white sweater. I'd so wear that but I'm kinda insecure to show a bit of my belly!


Maja is a Polish stylist and a celebrity. I love her choice of footwear! She finds the prettiest boots ever and pairs them with the nicest jeans out there. And she wears the bowler hats! Bowler hats are like my love. Demi Lovato got me into them and if I could, I'd pair them with every outfit. But whenever I wear it out I get mixed reactions haha, not that I mind or anything but it's just odd getting so much attention! I love the striped pants, and I kinda adore the way she put the socks with the shoes, I don't think I'd think of that myself, but it looks kinda awesome!


She's a Polish singer, and she is so freaking stunning!! Look at that pretty face! And that hair! And Her freaking clothes!! I love the creepers she's wearing in the first photo, I'd love a pair of those, sadly I can't find any in stores, I must look online. The second outfit is my favourite. I think you can now see a pattern in this, my style is pretty much skinny jeans, a loose shirt, heels and a nice jacket. That stuff never gets old, and you can never go wrong with it. 
Oh, if you haven't heard any of Marina's songs, then do! Her song 'Glam Pop' is freaking amazing! 


I remember watching Hannah Montana and being jelly of her every outfit. I'd google it and try to find similar pieces, oh boy was I obsessed haha. I love her style so much, she wears pretty much everything and manages to look great in it! There really isn't an outfit she wore that I don't see myself wearing. I am currently in love with the second and third outfit. I really want to wear tights like that and a skirt, I think it would look amazing if I was going out partying. And that all black outfit with the amazing skinny jeans and the leather jacket? Oh my, I NEED.


I love that woman. She is so beautiful! Since I lost quite a bit of weight I hear some people tell me I look like Miranda sometimes and it's so nice to hear! She always looks so perfect! I'm so jealous of her long, skinny legs! My main outfit in the fall looks pretty much the same as Miranda in the third photo. A long coat, skinny jeans, boots, loose shirt and a big bag on my forearm. I remember I was once going to my university for class and I walked my a court house, and a woman stopped me asking me when is everyone back from lunch! I was like er.. I don't work there sorry. Do I look so mature already?! 

Anyway, that is it for my style icons. There are a good few, but if you look at it, they all dress pretty much the same haha. But my main icons must be Demi, Miley, Kim and Miranda! 

Who's your style icon? Why is that?

Hope you liked the post!

much love,