My loves!!!

How are you all?? 
I'm here with a post in which I will keep up with my instagram photos! 
I haven't done this in a long time and I decided to make this post like an every second week thing, I will show you the photos and talk a bit about them. And since this post will be long enough, I will stop talking now and post the photos!

That one day I wore blue contacts. And a lot of people hated it, bummer. I loved them!

Old throwback photo, I miss that sweater. It was so cute and comfy.

My small lippie haul, I got all of those to swatch for you guys for my lippie review posts. I haven't even started them yet, but soon! 

Beautiful, beautiful bra I got from H&M, I'm absolutely in love with it!

I went for a trip with my cousins and we went into some old castle ruins and the walls there were white and the lighting was just amazing. The first photo is without filter! 

There's your daily dose of cute ;) 

Think I was showing off my mani in both photos, I really miss those claws! Oh, and Marc Jacobs DOT perfume smells amazing!!

Sia is one of my favourite artists ever, and the Fire Meet Gasoline song is just so beautiful I had to share!

This photo had me laughing for good ten minutes. But when I look at it now, it's not so funny. But you can so relate to it, am I right ladies? ;) 

My Glamulet package, I will make a post about this soon, so keep an eye out!

And the chocolates I got from my parents for passing my exams! They were sooooo good!!

Soo... I tried wearing black lipstick. I liked it, but I don't think I'll be wearing it out in public! 

I kinda like this photo a lot! The sunnies are from River Island and I'm super in love with them! I wish it was sunnier here so I could wear them out more often. Sadly, summer is over.. 
Til next year babies, til next year...

I was killing the highlighter game that day and I wanted to capture it on a photo. Sadly, my camera wouldn't cooperate... Sad times..

And here a silly photo with my favourite sister. She's the only sister I have but...

Aren't these looking absolutely delish?! 
Salads I ordered when I was out in Poland. So lovely..

Throwback to Majorca. That cocktail was lovely. OH! And my River Island sunnies. I have them for two years already? Wow.

Selfie with my women! 

My new room! I redecorated it and my dad got me the old vanity table and I'm in love with it! I will have a room tour post up asap for you guys!

That photo has touched my freaking soul! How cute is that?!! 

See you guys in two weeks!!

much love,