Ello, ello, ello my darlings!! 
How are you guys doing?! I'm on a post writing spree and I literally haven't left the same spot in my couch for like two days now. I want to write as many posts as I can before I go back to school! 

This time I'm here with my makeup wishlist, so basically makeup I'd love but probably never get. 
*sad violin music* 

Anyway, let's fangirl over the stuff shall we?


These three I've heard so many good things about! 
Apparently the Doublewear makes your skin flawless, MAC is well.. it's MAC and Kat Von D covers tattoos even. So it must do wonders with acne or acne scars. 
They're of course higher end, therefore more expensive than what I usually get, that is Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation for 15 euro or The Revlon Nearly Naked for around 18.  
If I was to choose one out of the three, I'd probably go for the Kat Von D. I mean even the bottle is freaking stunning?! 

After getting my first MAC lippie, I knew I wanted more. They smell UHMAZING, plus the packaging is freaking perfect! These shades I fell in love with when I was randomly swatching them in their Dublin store. From left to right; MYTH, VELVET TEDDY, VEGAS VOLT and RUBY WOO. Apparently, ruby woo is the perfect shade of red. And velvet teddy is the lippie the lovely Kylie Jenner wears. Hmm... One day Weronica, one day. 

 Who doesn't love Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks? They are stunning! The packaging is so oh my!! The last shade is so beautiful! When I seen the YSL counter when I was in Poland I rushed to get a few swatches of those babies and whoa. They are quite sheer to be honest, but they have a beautiful finish to it. They are also like crazy expensive. Shades from left to right;


I attacked the Urban Decay counter at the airport a few weeks ago when I was going to Poland and I tried out their makeup setting spray, and oh boy... That was so relaxing, and cooling and it made the eye shadow that I swatched stay on my hand for the rest of the day. I can't remember if it had a smell, but if I don't remember then it musn't have been overpowering. And the MAC fix plus, everyone is raving about the thing. I'm not sure if I like the way it sprays, honestly it feels like someone is peeing on your face? Not that I know how that feels but you know what I mean hahah. Oh and the primer potion because I need to find my holy grail eye shadow primer! And I've seen this one so much when I was watching makeup tutorials a few years ago!


I think that other than Inglot and MAC, Lorac and Too Faced are the best brands for eye shadow palettes. I've read so many great things about the Lorac PRO palettes, I mean look at the shades as well. If you have one of those you're pretty much set for eye shadow until you hit pan on these. They have any color you need. I want the Too Faced chocolate bar palette because it apparently smells like chocolate?! Like who wouldn't want their eye lids smelling like chocolate?! NOT ME. NOW GIMMIE! And the other palette looks like such a great eye shadow palette for going out. Look at them metallic colours!! 

I think I'm done fangirling. 

What products are on your wishlist? 
Have you tried any of the products I named above? What is your opinion on it? 

Much love,