Hello darlings!!

Today's post is going to be me trying to figure out my own style, cause honestly, I had one in my head, not really in my wardrobe! 

Maybe because I wore clothes that would hide my body shape cause I used to dislike the way I look way more than I do now. 
Of course, I dress differently than the people in my university, but it still wasn't quite me. 
But now, I thought 'Hey, these are the last few years of your teenage years, they wont happen again. You might as well wear whatever you want and however you want.'

I'm constantly struggling between my opinion vs someone else's. 
For example I feel better if I have my shirt slightly tucked into my jeans, but my mother tells me it doesn't look good. Or I love having curly hair but I heard once that I look 'disgusting' in them. Or I enjoy wearing dark lipstick but I hear that I look like an elderly woman. 

Whenever I try to stand up for myself, and say that it is what I feel comfortable in, I hear that I'm just being stupid. 
Anyone else gets that or is it just me?? 

Anyways, I decided to say F*&$ IT, F%*+ YOU. I WILL WEAR WHATEVER I WANT, EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. 

I know my body shape doesn't allow me to wear some articles of clothing, for example my legs are wayy too big in my opinion to wear shorts. So I don't wear them, maybe if I go to sleep or just wear them around the house. Plus, my legs are too short to even wear shorts.

ANYWAY, here are a few photos that I spent about two hours looking for on Instagram. None of them are mine, all credit goes to owners of them. 

I'm gonna be honest here, I like when bits of my lace bras are showing? Only me? Maybe. Anyway, lately I've been seeing girls online wearing those type of bras, I think they look so so pretty! I definitely will buy a few of those, they look so feminine and cute. I literally can't say it enough. 

Loose shirts and tees.
I love those, they probably make me look bigger than I am but they are so so comfortable! I like my shoulders and collarbones showing (when they decide to come out, I swear my collar bones live their own lives) I think it looks cute and kinda romantic. I also love the way in which the girl in the bottom left hand corner, has the plaid shirt tied around her waist. It looks so pretty and quite casual. I like the loose cardigans, but not the thick ones, the light ones, the ones that feel cool on your skin when it's a bit windy outside on a summer evening. 

I'm also starting to be quite into the crop top and high waisted pants. I have a rather flattish stomach so it wouldn't look too tragic if I wore them paired together. 
I was walking around penneys the other day, and I seen so many pairs of jeans with huuge holes in them, and I was like yup, I like that. I will definitely be purchasing some of those! To me, crop top, high waisted pants and a long cardigan sound perfect! I must try it some day, and pair it with a bowler hat and round sunglasses. Oh that idea got me excited. 

Thigh high socks! Oh my! They look so so cute! I'd love to give them a shot. Maybe with a skirt, maybe with shorts. JEAN JACKETS, I need one!! They are so fun looking and they really go with anything! I own a few but they've gotten too big on me! I can't wait to go shopping in Poland, I hope I'll find everything I plan on buying!

This is it for today's post, and probably for this week. I'm getting my exam results on Friday and if they went really bad you won't be hearing from me in a while, I'd need some time to get my head around the entire situation. 
I hope you liked this post, maybe I'll do a few more of those! 

What are your style inspirations for this summer? Do you go for comfortable or do you listen to others when they tell you something doesn't suit you?

Thank you for reading!
Much much much much muuuuch love,