Hi my darlings,
how was everyone? I've been better to be honest. Exams stressed me out more than they should have. BUT I don't really want to talk about it or I'll just get another anxiety attack so I'll move on.

Today's post is a rant. I've been looking through the interwebs, like I always do, and I found this one website (I will not name it for quite obvious reasons), and the aim of it seemed to be something like 'Lets bitch about every blogger out there'. No lie, I spent my entire day reading all of the hate posts, and let me tell you.. They were RIDICULOUS!

I have no idea why people would create such pages, what is their aim in doing that? And the saddest thing about it all is that after that website, came another, and another, and another.

The bloggers that were most targeted were Shaanxo, Grav3yardgirl, Trish Paytas, Macbarbie07 and Zoella. There were many more but I paid most attention to those, as they were attacked the most and the worst. The things that were said were beyond hurtful. Even I got offended, and I'm only their subscriber. I honestly hope that none of those bloggers find those websites just cause they're so so hurtful.

I cannot comprehend why such pages exist. Everywhere we go we hear that we should be nice to people because we don't know what they are currently going through, and then we see this?
I completely understand, not everyone is going to be liked, and I know that not everyone is gonna like me. But we should not go and do things like this. This post probably makes no sense but I have so much to say that I don't know where to start.

I also found a post which said that all bloggers should not be trusted because they get things sent to them which means that their opinions must be untrue just because they should repay the company for the product in the form of a great review even if they don't like it. I'm not gonna lie, some bloggers do that to receive more products and you know, if that's what you do okay, but you wont have a great group of followers if you do that. It is super unfair in my opinion.

I have never reviewed a product and lied about it. To me, the trust of my readers is more important than free products (even if free stuff is nice, lets be honest here haha). I did not start my blog to make money off it. I did not start my YouTube to make money off it. I started all of this because I'm honestly interested in the world of fashion and beauty, and if you know me personally it definitely shows. I will never let a company influence my review of their product. It's take it or leave it. When I get an email from a company I state clearly that I will give an honest opinion of their product. This scares most companies off of course, but I'm okay with that. I'm not losing anything by that.

Naturally, I understand that some people stopped trusting bloggers nowadays. Some truly are only driven by the amounts of money that they can get from their work on their blogs or YouTube channels. But I don't think they should believe the 'haters', they should stick to their own opinion of the particular blogger. And oh boy, no words can describe how much I dislike the word 'hater', haters don't exist, they are just simply people that don't like you and aren't afraid to show it. Okay maybe haters do exist but you get the point right? I kinda really want the I <3 my haters snapback though, seems kinda cool.

I think my rant is now over, I might make a video about it, somehow I find it easier to rant talk than rant write. But if you are a blogger and you are being attacked at such pages please don't listen to them people. Keep doing what you do and keep your head up high, (not too high of course hah).

Have you came across such websites? What did you think of them? Were you attacked on such page?

Much love,