Hi everyonee!! I don't think I actually asked you how your Christmas went so I apologize for that! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and spent a lot of quality time with your families and friends! Like last year, I decided to take some photos of few of the things I've gotten for my family. And like I said last year, this post is not me trying to brag or show off or anything, I personally like these kinds of posts so why not make one myself! These are mainly for my mom and sister, because I don't think anyone would want to see drills and all kinds of manly things haha. 

I decided to create a kind of a 'MakeUp Starter Kit' for my mom, since she always has to get makeup from me, so why not get her her own? In it I put makeup brushes and all that basic things that girls use in their daily makeup routine, ie. Foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner etc. 

Soo.. Let's have a look at it! 

Foundation - Rimmel 'Match Perfection'
Eyeliner - Rimmel 'Glam Eyes'
Powder - Rimmel 'Stay Matte'
Mascara - Miss Sporty 'Pump Up Booster Fast and Furious Mascara' 
Lipgloss - Catrice 'Infinite Shine'


Eyeliner and Eyeshadow - L'Oreal ( As you can see above )

I wanted to get my mom the Real Techniques brushes, but while I was in Primark I've seen their rather impressive brushes collection, so I decided to have a look at them. And OMG IF YOU HAVE A PRIMARK NEAR YOU, YOU GO GET THEM BRUSHES GIRL! They are so so so soft! And really inexpensive. Great for beginners actually!

Being weird, I got a few things for myself also! In Boots, if you spent 20 euro or more on L'Oreal products you got a free gift. And at first I wanted to give the gift to my mom but when I looked at the products I knew my mom wouldn't really use them. So I was like, 'Whoa, Merry Christmas to me!'

Isn't it beautiful?!

I got myself a few more things but I forgot to take photos! There were Essence lip liners on which I will do a separate post on. Pressed powders, primers, etc. I have a photo on my Instagram of those things if you're curious enough. 

These things I got for my sister. I was actually so excited for her to open her present! You can say I spent a bit on her stuff but I think it was worth every cent. I hope that she likes her present! Cause if she didn't I have no problem with taking them things for myself haha. 

Do you ever get jealous of the things you get for others? Yeah? Well it's me now.. I mean Benefit!

And now... The most adorable things I have ever seen. I walked into Claire's and I fell in love. I actually got those back in early November, and I couldn't wait for my mom and sister to see them. They actually use them too! I didn't really expect them to, to be honest! 

So this is it! I got a few more bits and pieces but I just forgot to take pictures afterwards! I'm sorry about that. I hope you liked the post! Let me know in the comments what you got your family and friends for Christmas! 

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