Hello my lovelies.
I am back, finally. Took me longer than two weeks I think, but settling in is quite difficult. Being away from family is quite hard, but the longer you are away, the easier it gets. I was lucky enough to instantly make friends the day I moved into my room, although I did get my heart broken by a guy I was 'talking' to for a long time, (and I don't really wanna talk about it on my blog), it was a nice experience. I'm liking the whole responsibility thing! Doing my own shopping, cooking for myself, just taking care of myself is quite fun! College is completely different than I have imagined. If you stayed with me for the past few months you know I was absolutely terrified! But really, I'm loving it! I love the way I get to discover life in a big town. I have lived in small villages for the last 9 years but now I'm in a huge town. I get to experience new things. See life from a different angle. This is how it's going to be for the rest of my life. I'm no longer following my parents everywhere, I have to do things on my own, and I like to be independent. And college life is as fun as it is in movies, except the part where you bump into some guy and your books fall onto the ground, he'd pick them up for you give them back with a smile on his face. And then he'd look into your eyes and tell you that you're beautiful, and he'd ask you if you wanted to go out for lunch with him. This doesn't happen, guys will not pick up your books for you. Unless they're true gentlemen. I've read somewhere that girls say chivalry is dead. But I think girls are just bitches so guys stopped trying? Anywho, lost the whole purpose of the post. College is great, and I do hope every one of you could get the experience.
I joined a style society in my college, and hopefully I'll find some girls that would be interested in taking pictures for my outfit posts. And this is about it! I will be back with new posts as soon as I can. I need to find balance between uni, blog and the other fun stuff. I hope to write something new this week! See you then!

Hej wszystkim.
Wrocilam. Zajelo mi to dluzej niz dwa tygodnie, ale troche zajelo mi przyzwyczajanie sie do nowego miejsca! Bycie z daleka od rodziny jest dosyc trudne, ale im dluzej tu jestem, jest to latwiejsze. Mialam szczescie ze mam fajnych wspolokatorow, i zaprzyjaznilismy sie juz w pierwszy dzien. Podoba mi sie ta cala odpowiedzialnosc! Sama robie zakupy, gotuje, i jest to naprawde fajne! Studia sa inne niz sobie to wyobrazalam. Jesli czytacie mojego bloga od dlurzszego czasu, to wiecie ze strasznie sie balam. Teraz kiedy o tym mysle, mowie sobie ze bylam glupia. Podoba mi sie to ze zycie we wielkim miescie jest inne. Przez ostatnie 9 lat mojego zycia mieszkalam w malym miasteczku, ale teraz jestem w wielkim miescie. Tu jest kompletnie inaczej. Od teraz sama musze o siebie dbac, i podoba mi sie to ze jestem samodzielna. Zycie na studiach nie jest takie jak w filmach. Nie poznajesz milosci zycia na pierwszym wykladzie, kiedy upuszczasz ksiarzki i nagle jakis przystojny chlopak pomaga ci je pozbierac i pyta sie czy chcesz isc z nim na kawe. Studia sa naprawde fajne, i mam nadzieje ze kazdy z was bedzie mogl tego doswiadczyc. Zapisalam sie do klubu modowego, i mam nadzieje ze znajde kogos kto chcialby robic zdjecia na posty 'outfit'owe'. I to chyba wszystko. Wruce z innymi postami kiedy bede miala czas. Mam nadzieje ze uda mi sie cos napisac w tym tygodniu. Do zobaczenia!