Christmas Mani!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hi there,
So, like last year I will post a few pictures (not mine) of some manicure ideas for the lovely time of the year that is Christmas. Am I the only one that loves to match their nails to the occasion? But then you are too lazy to do it? Yes? Okay.. Anyway, the pictures were taken from tumblr. I think that this year I will get myself together and finally do something with my nails, but it's so difficult! My nails can't stay long for some reason. They break and all. Here are some pictures, I hope some of you will find these useful!

Hej Wszystkim,
Wiec, tak samo jak rok temu daje pare zdjec (nie moich) pomyslow na manicure na Swieta. Czy tylko ja lubie dopasowywac moje paznokcie do okazji? A potem jestem zbyt leniwa zeby je zrobic? Tak? Okay...
Fotki znalazlam na tumblr. W tym roku chyba zmusze sie zrobic te pazury. Niestety moje paznokcie nie zostaja dlugie na dlugi czas. Nie wiem dlaczego, caly czas sie lamia. No, to daje pare fotek i mam nadzieje ze sie komus przydadza!

                                             I think I'll go for white glitter! What one will you go for?
                                              Ja wybieram bialy brokat! A wy? Co byscie wybrali?


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