Eng: Hello, hello, hello. Trying to get used to being back in school but I literally fall asleep infront of the fireplace in my uniform. Plus! I have a cold, and have fever attacks in class, which annoys... Me a lot. Sahara hot or Antartica cold. Nightmare. Here is an Instagram mix from the last few weeks. I really need to take more pictures to do this every week.

Pol: Hej, hej, hej. Spowrotem staram sie przyzwyczaic do powrotu do szkoly po przerwie, ale doslownie zasypiam przed kominkiem w mundurku. I do tego doszlo jakies przeziebienie ktore irytuje mnie na maksa, i tak samo ataki wysokiej goraczki w klasie. Raz goraco jak na Saharze a raz zimno jak na Antarktyce. Koszmar. Instagram'owy mix z ostatnich paru tygodni. Musze robic wiecej fotek jak chce dodawac takie posty co tydzien. 

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Nails done by me. Glasses- Penneys


Ugh!! Love this movie! Love Bradley Cooper, like Jennifer Lawrence.... Loving the book!


Healthy food
The Hunger Games <3
''May the odds  be ever in your favour...''

Workout! Shoes- Reebok
Dad's cake. 4.. 43... Same thing!


Favourite Ice Cream and Movie 'A-Team'
I hit 10.000 views! Thank you guys so much!
My puppy! Miss this guy so much! My hands still have scars from his little teeth.
He didn't die, he just went to a better home :)
Fashion Sketching
You know, just my iPad... lol. Found this in my art class First aid box.