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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Eng: So few days ago I asked you to send me your questions, it could be about anything you want, fashion,make up etc.And I got quite a lot of emails. I didn't think I was going to get any at all, to be honest. But here they are. PS. I am sorry I didn't do these on Wednesday as I said before,but I was very busy then and couldn't do them.

Pol: Wiec pare dni temu napisalam tutaj ze mozecie wysylac do mnie swoje pytania o czymkolwiek chcecie, moda, make up itp. I dostalam dosyc duzo maili, a szczerze mowiac myslalam ze nie dostane ani jednego. Ale tutaj macie odpowiedzi. PS. Sory ze nie dodalam tego postu w Srode jak obiecywalam ale bylam zajeta :/ Nie bede tlumaczyla ich bo wszystkie byly napisane po ang i nie widze w tym zbytnio sensu. :P
Q1. My name is Luisa and I want your advice. Im going to a school disco next week and I wanted to know what goes with a short purple and white dress. -Luisa

Luisa, I think that to a purple and white dress black shoes would match and few black accents. Black matches both white and purple perfectly. I hope I gave you a hint, so now you can look for few little things to finish your look. Oh, and have fun! Weronica...
Q2.This isnt a question about clothes but I wanted to ask you why did you set up a blog, and what do you want to achieve by it? -Ann

So Ann, the reason why I set up this blog is because I wanted to share my interest about fashion. I wanted to let people see my view of the fashion world. I wanted to show people my style, which is quite sophisticated for a 15 year old. Even though I don't have any outfits here yet I was planning to do it soon. What I want to achieve by it? Lets be honest by this blog I wanted to have a bigger chance in the fashion industry, maybe one day someone might notice me and give me a chance, you never know what life brings. I can sound a bit naive, but I just hope this blog will help me to get in the fashion world,which it already has because I didn't know the newest trends, the newest collections of famous designers before i set up this blog. I made friends by this too, some are successful bloggers, and from their experiences I learn more and more each day.So I hope this answers your questions. Thanks, Weronica....
Q3.What will be the next trends? -Julie

Well,I think that denim will have a comeback,wherever you look on the magazine covers, models are wearing either denim or loose sweaters. For example on the cover of Vogue Mexico, Kasia Struss is wearing lots of denim,or even Selena Gomez on the cover of Teen Vogue, she is wearing a lot of denim and loose sweaters.and looking at the designers point of view I haven't been watching any shows recently because I was busy.It's hard for me to predict as I never actually cared about trends, I just have my own personal style and go along with that. Also blue shades could be in, and flower prints too. This is all i can say pretty much.Thanks for asking this question, it was quite a challenge. Weronica
Q4.Hii!! We are goin back to school soon, n I was wonderin what can we wear. I always hav same problem every year so help!! Btw looveee de blog. So cool! -Kristy010

Thank you! Im glad you like it :) Unfortunately we are, I don't have the same problem as you because I have to wear boring uniforms. Well, it depends from your style.And what you are comfortable wearing. So lets focus on the appropriate clothes you can wear to school. If you want to be fashionable I say you wear shirts with collars, jeans, blazers or light dresses along with a denim jacket.You can also pick clothes like blouses, long sleeved t-shirts, shirts, there is plenty of different options for you to choose. I advise you that you get the Seventeen magazine and every year in August they get the whole issue to be about going back to school, you can take a lot of inspiration from there. Weronica...
Q5.What are the must have things in a girls closet? - Alex

I think that there are __ things that a girl should have in her wardrobe.
1.Plain white shirt. It is an essential! It is simple but its all about the little things in this one, you can put it with pretty much anything you want, but you can also put it with simple blue jeans and get the 'fresh' look..
2.Perfect Jeans. Everyone has their fav pair of them. The ones that match everything and anything but also the ones that are comfortable enough for you to wear all day. So, yes, pair of fav jeans.
3.Pretty scarf. Whether its a small one or a big, puffy one, makes no difference. You never know what the weather might bring, so keep a scarf in your wardrobe to make you toasty warm when its cold outdside.
4.A blazer? If you are a classy blazer girl like me you should have one in your wardrobe. It is quite multitasking, it keeps you warm but also looking chic and goes with anything in your wardrobe, so even a simple black blazer.
5.Handbag. the one that can hold kg's of stuff you 'need' And the one that is big enough to hold your ballerinas for you when your feet are killing you because you are wearing high heels. Happens a lot trust me.
And of course the one that matches your outfit, shoes or even as little as your belt.
6.Belt.God, do I need a belt! We all need one. So we are not going to have to pull the jeans up every few seconds.Or a small skinny belt that you can pair up with your dress.
7.A pair of flat shoes/Ballerinas. You can swap your heels for flat shoes/ballerinas. All I can say here really.
8.Some sort of a hat. A hat that you can wear when having a bad hair day or a hat that can complete your look.
9.A loose big sweater. If you dont feel like dressing up you can just put on the sweater and you are ready to go. And the last one,
10.A white t-shirt. It is like the most important thing ever!! Can put it with anything. The End :) Weronica..
Q6.What kind of skirts are in now? -No name... :(

The kind of dresses that are in now.....Hmm..... Well everywhere you look you see high-low skirts.
These are the ones that are short in the front and long at the back, like a mullet for your b. :P
Here is an example. This is a River Island skirt. Those come in so much different colours, shapes and sizes they suit every girl, and match everything in your wardrobe big +.Also a lot of girls have been wearing Aztec printed minis. like this one
a Aztec print skirt from Express. I love this one,but for me its a little bit too short :)
So I hope I helped but remember you don't always have to go by the trends :) Weronica...
Q7.When is the gothic trends comming back?- Blackstar34

Now! You couldn't have picked a better time to ask this question :D Gothic style rules the catwalks now, not only the catwalk but the streets also :) So yeah, it is in NOW :D Weronica
Q8.Dear Weronica, my sister is getting married next month and I have no clue what to wear! :( Can you help? Im tall and skinny, I have brown hair and green eyes. Im 17 n I like pink, blue and white. Please help me, Im desperate!! - Donna1577

Donna, It depends where the wedding will be at, if you are comfortable wearing short of longer gowns. To make it less confusing to you lets start from the short knee lenght dresses.Every colour matches your hair colour, but not to your eyes :) So to green eyes and brown hair I think white will suit,but only the bride should wear white so lets use white with a big prints.

This is a strapless, sweetheart shaped dress. Lovely print too. It is a little shorter than knee lenght but its perfect for teens, especially if you are slim and tall. To this TopShop dress you can wear both high heels or ballerinas. Whichever suits your preference. But if you are more comfortable with longer dresses you have to remember, white with big prints :) I hope I helped. Weronica...
Q9.Hi, I like wearing khaki shorts, can you tell me what can I add to them to make them more girly? You know what I mean. -Wioletta

So, Wioletta. It depends on the lenght of the shorts. And your personal style. To make them more girly you can wear leggings along with them, (not flower print), more like white ones or black ones. You can also get a random piece of material (khaki print or of your choice) and use it as a belt and tie it into a bow. You can wear it with a white top or a nice, girly pair of sneakers. I don't think Khaki goes along with flower prints, well it can also depend on the type of flowers. You can do the same with the longer type of Khaki trousers. I hope I helped and take care. Weronica...

So, this is it :) Thank You for sending me the questions, this gives me proof someone is actually reading my blog :) And I hope I helped you :) And I will write a new post soon :)
                                                           Thank You

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