Yaki Ravid Wedding Couture

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So I was watching FashionTV and I came across this clip, it was a photoshoot of Yaki Ravid's wedding dresses. I loved it the first second I saw it, so when it finished I literally ran to my room and did some research.. He is a fashion designer from Israel. He specialises in wedding dresses. He is famous in his country and parts of Europe. But I think he should be known all over the world! He has huge potential and the greatest talent I have seen so far when it comes to Wedding Couture. He is definitely my favourite wedding dress designer. He brings balance to his culture, as you may or may not know women in Israel have to be quite covered, like their arms and necklines I have heard. So most of his dresses have sleaves or have a covered top. I love his work so I decided to share. And this is like the second post with wedding dresses.
But I was interested in wedding Couture since I was like 7 or 8 :P
And! I dont own any copyrights for these photos. Just letting you know...

                                                                  Collection 2011



I absolutely LOVE this one...

 Collection 2012




Love this..



Love this one too...





Collection 2012 Comming soon : )


This is a killer of a dress! Love it!

Love, Love, Love this one

Love it...

Classy <3

                                                                      Thank You...
                                                                             Weronica xoxo...

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