As I promised before I am posting my designs here. I was drawing and designing clothes for ages and can't really remember when I started. If you could only see my school books, you could see dresses,jackets, necklaces and other types of garments and accessories. I used to draw all the time and after few weeks the teachers stopped paying attention to me drawing anywhere I could. I was never particularly good in arts, even though people always told me my work was great. I have two most important copies in which I have my designs. First I had with my friend Paula, in primary school. I was around 10 or 11. And I know these aren't the best pieces of art you seen but I have gotten better as the years went by. I think that drawing 18/7 did its trick. The second copy I got few weeks ago and I don't have much in it for now. And you can see the drawings are a lot better now. 

Copy no.1 


As I said these aren't the bestest things ever but still I am proud of them, the things at the side are the rates my family and friends gave to the outfits out of 10. AND I just got an idea, I will make a 2012 remake of those, that is me drawing them again but bit better this time. Great :D
And here are some of my newest designs and I know there is more, a lot more to be done. Because sometimes I have such an inspiration overflow that once in English class I did 67 dresses. So this is like a whole collection. I don't know if anyone gets it but sometimes my head hurts from the amount of ideas I have.And my friends are always looking at me weird because sometimes I get inspirations from the weirdest things ever, like a plastic cup,umbrella or even a pencil. So here are some of my newest sketches.

Copy no.2

I think that these are a bit better but let me know what you think in a comment below.
So this is it for now. I would really like to know what you think of my designs. As I said before of my 'friends' opinion. But I learned not to care of criticism  from people that I know don't wish me well.And I started to believe that if you dream of something you have to go for it. Because if it is real in your dreams it is also real in real life, you just have to work hard and make it happen.
                                        Thank You
                                                 Weronica xoxo