So this post is all about D.I.Y,again. I like those because you can make something unique, something no one else has and mostly something YOURS. It shows your style and how creative you are and all. I recently started to do my own ones, like two days ago I did a leopard print,bow headband with a super cute heart gem type of thing sown onto it. I regret that I didn't take photos so I could post it here but I totally forgot. :(
But I will make new D.I.Y's. I was quite busy last two weeks because I was doing my Junior Cert but I have been sketching dresses again. Have a copy full of them. But lately my sisters friend came over and I showed him my sketches. And his reaction to them brought me down really. I was doubting all of this. Like having a blog, designing and even thinking about my dream of becoming a fashion designer. The dream of going to Paris or New York to go to college, but then I came across few things that inspired me so much and shown me that if you want something really bad you can have it, if you try. The story of Kuba Blaszczykowski, he is a Polish football player,he was touched by a great tragedy but picked himself up and became one of the most famous Polish footballers.Also, I learned we shouldn't care what others say, because they can change our decisions, but they wont be there for us when we grow up and we can realise that changing our minds was giving up the best thing we could have had.
Ok,I have gone completely off track, yes DIY's.
Here are a few of them I saw recently and liked them a lot.
Can't believe that this is actually made from a curtain! The girl that runs the blog must be soo creative..

Marc Jacobs Cardigan, classy and quite easy to make.

I like this because I think this is more like Miu Miu type of clutch, the retro and 50's theme is like a Miu Miu thing. And I love the colours.


I think this looks like Vivienne Westwood thing. That's why I put this up, besides I like this and I think I will make one myself.

I am a huge fan of those headbands, I could wear them all the time. 

Aztec print is quite popular now,you see it everywhere,shirts,skirts and jackets.
So here you can make your own shoes with Aztec print on them.
The only thing is you have to use canvas shoes, of course you can use the plastic type of ones but they can wear off really fast. Canvas shoes are the best because they soak up the marker and make it stay there.

Thank You,
Weronica xoxo

I do not own any copyrights for these photos :)