Now I think that writing about the new issues of Vogue are like a monthly thing.
I realise how far behind I am in all of this but I'm sick now and sitting at home so I will keep up with everything.
Vogue May 2012,
Well,on the cover is of course the beautiful Charlize Theron.
Wearing a Versace Spring/Summer dress,I think the light blue goes very well with her pale skin and the red lips complete the look really. But,enough about the cover,lets move on to the campaigns.
Recently Vogue became like a huge advertisement for perfume,in this issue there are 3 perfume samples.
The fragrances are L'eau De Chloe,which smells like summer literally,i like it a lot.
The fragrance for men called Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf, to me it smells like a lot of pepper put into a kind of grenade shaped perfume bottle,but I guess that's where they got the Spicebomb name from...
And a fragrance 'For Her' from Narcisco Rodriguez,A nice,simple black or white bottle with a nice scent,but I have to say its not really my type.
Oh! And also Vogue included a small booklet called 'More Dash Than Cash, Maximum Style,Minimum Spend' In it are great clothes, great designers and even better prices for the clothes,inspired looks etc. I was advised by another fashion blogger, to do some of my own outfits and post them on this blog,and I was thinking about it for a few days,the whole purpose of this blog and everything.And I thought 'Why not?' If this is a way of sharing and expressing my style and so called 'Passion For Fashion' I will do it.So the first outfit I will post will be this weekend,so be patient...And I will probably take some inspiration from this booklet.Ok,now the campaigns. This issue actually has a lot of ad's I like.
Vogue May 2012                

Gucci 2012
I absolutely love the make up in this ad. And I think it makes the glasses stand out a bit more.
And of course the glasses are stylish and classy at the same time.
The colours are summer like and I just like it hehe :D.
Elie Saab 'Le Parfum'
Anja Rubik is one of my favourite models of all time and she looks stunning in this campaign.
I suppose the dress is also Elie Saab. New York,Beautiful model and dress = Perfecto. ;)

                                                                 Dolce & Gabbana Bouquet.
          Summery make up shades,Great colours and beautiful dress. The make up products look like a good                  
      quality,but its Dolce & Gabbana I suppose it always provides their customers with great quality of products just like they do with their clothes.And the main colours are darker shades of 'Pastel' colours.                  
Burberry Prorsum 2012.
I wanted to write about the the campaign for Burberry Prorsum but I could never find the exact photo as it is in Vogue,and I still cant find them.But I wanted to write about it so.. I'm totally in love with the clothes from Burberry Prorsum,they are wearable,fashionable and if I could I would buy every single thing from the line.
And the models in this campaign are perfect,their faces are so interesting and unique in a way.
I think this is one of my all time favourites.

Chanel Boy Bag Spring/Summer 2012.
Punk themed.The model looks like Rita Ora to me.
The bag matches to every single item worn by the model,
Not much to say really,except that this is a great classy,stylish campaign.

 Rouge Coco Chanel.
I liked this campaign from the very start,just didn't manage to write about it.
What struck me was the models face,it looks so natural,so pure,not overly photoshopped, but these days people photoshop every picture,and by doing that they take away the whole beauty of the models.
I think that without photoshop there wouldn't be as much issues about anorexia,or any types of eating disorders.But the fashion world is cruel and we just have to accept it.Well I already did,and I do realise I don't look like a model not even close to be honest :P Well I went a bit off the track,I was on about the Chanel lipstick ad.Beautiful.One word.

As I said at the very start I will post photos of my personal outfits.
I will try to write everyday,but there is so much going on,I'm moving,I have Junior Cert soon.
But then Its SUMMER!! Its only a few weeks away and I cant wait till its finally here.
Well that's all for today, I will write more maybe later on today or tomorrow.

Thank You...

Weronica... xoxo 

I do not own any copyrights for the photos above :)