You probably might not know,but Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer.
Well,he was.I think fashion world lost a great designer.Sarah Burton has replaced Alexander.
She is best known for her design of Kate Middleton's wedding gown.
So now,she designed the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.
I really like this collection.It is not the usual Alexander McQueen Collection,but it's still great.
The main colours are red,white and black,classy,sophisticated colours.
Floral designs are also seen on some of the dresses.The thing that caught my eye were the silver,bow-like belts.
It seems that the collection was based on bows,as there are bows seen on nearly every outfit.
Big puffy sleeves are also in the McQueen vibe.So here are the photos of the clothes.

Love This!

And this is my favourite..

Favourite :D

Another Favourite...

 Ah,,It takes hours to set up the pictures the way you want them to be...
Ok,this is a quick note again...I will write more normal notes soon....Summer is near,I will post outfits up everyday,my own of course...So the blog is going to be active as never before...
 I can't wait actually,,But there are 6 weeks left...For me,I have my Junior Cert...
Ok,that's it for today..
                                                 Thank You...

I do not own any copyrights for these photos :)