Eng: Happy Easter everyone!!

I found these Easter eggs Vivienne Westwood created along with Fortnum & Mason.
I think these are really cute but don't really show Vivienne's style like her clothes do.

I would expect vivid colours and creative accents on the packages, but she kept them simple and quite plain by putting the chocolate egg in a coloured wrap and put a ribbon over it. But I still like them.
The colours that were used were silvers,reds,pinks,purples,yellows,blues and browns.
On the packages I like the flower, lace-like patterns. I think the whole lot looks quite adorable.

The chocolates themselves look very pretty. Fairies and animals, if I received them I would feel too bad to even eat them...There are some pink chocolates,and some layered chocolate eggs.
But unfortunately these cost quite a lot of money. After all, it is Vivienne Westwood...

The Easter eggs cost 90,00 pounds, and the separate chocolates cost 37,50.
So here are the pictures.

So once again Happy Easter.
I hope you liked this post, I have so much to write about I should be able to write everyday,
but from Monday on, because I want to spend the holidays with my family and friends.
Thank You...