Anastasia Radevich 'The Lost Civilization'

Friday, March 23, 2012

Eng: I sometimes wonder does Anastasia Radevich ever run out of ways to surprise me with her designs.
For those who don't know who Anastasia is,she was born in Belarus but moved to Canada and is living there still.She completed a diploma in London Collage of Fashion,she learned from people such as Jimmy Choo,Patrick Cox and Georgina Goodman. For Spring/Summer she created a collection called "The Lost Civilisation",when I was looking at the photographs of the shoes I thought it was inspired by the wrecks of Titanic,and I was close,the collection is inspired by the image of the world after Apocalypse.I personally would wear about 2 pairs of the shoes,because in a small town it would look just weird but I wouldn't really care :).So here are the photos of the shoes.

Pol: Czasem zastanawiam sie czy Anastasii kiedykolwiek zabraknie pomyslow zeby mnie zaskocyc. 
Dla tych ktorzy nie wiedza kim jest Anastasia, byla urodzona na Bialorusi ale przeprowadzila sie do Kanady, gdzie mieszka do dzis. Skonczyla London Collage of Fashion, i uczyla sie od ludzi takich jak Jimmy Choo, Patrick Cox i Georgina Goodman. Na Wiosna/Lato stworzyla kolekcje o nazwie 'The Lost Civilisation', kiedy patzrylam na zdjecia myslalam 'Titanic' i prawie prawie zgadlam. Kolekcja byla inspirowana swiatem po Apokalipsie. Ja wybralabym moze dwie pary w ktorych poszlabym na zakupy a reszta jest zbyt 'Lady GaGa' A tu daje fotki.


So I hope you like this post :D
So my friend asked me if I can be her model,because she wants to create a portfolio to get to art college to become a make up artist,and I said yes.So hopefully I will post some pictures soon and I probably will write how to make the make up looks yourself,but I'm not any beauty guru.And I swear this blog will not become some beauty mixed with fashion,lame blog,because I'm not really interested in make up as I am in fashion.
The next post will be my view of the newest Vogue, April 2012.
Thank you.
Mam nadzieje ze post sie spodobal.
Kolezanka zapytala mnie czy urzyczylabym jej moja twarz na zdjecia do portfolio. Mam nadzieje ze zdjecia trafia tu dosc szybko. 

I dont own any copyrights :)

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